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Where is best for a rear facing car seat?

(6 Posts)
MrsMar Fri 24-Aug-07 15:24:36

I've just fitted my car seat for the first time (phew!) and I just wondered is it better to have it behind the drivers seat or the passenger seat? I seem to remember someone saying to me one was safer than the other, but I can't remember which.

Meeely2 Fri 24-Aug-07 15:47:54

not sure one is safer than other? well not heard as much as i had a baby behind each seat (twins) so I hope one wasn;t safer than other!

Anyway, if you only have the one and you are the driver, i would suggest that behind passenger is better as at least you can kinda see them if needs be.

Loopymumsy Fri 24-Aug-07 20:17:28

Message withdrawn

MrsMar Sun 26-Aug-07 10:08:19

thanks for that... I figured with one child seat behind the passenger seat was best as I can kind of reach round and see the baby (well I will do when I'm no longer hugely pregnant )

MoosMa Sun 26-Aug-07 10:43:34

I think in the middle at the back is best if you have a 3 point seat belt there (not just a lap belt), then any side impacts are less likely to hit baby.

Loopymumsy Sun 26-Aug-07 13:24:43

Message withdrawn

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