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Holy hell,

(9 Posts)
JoshandJamie Thu 23-Aug-07 19:54:58

Today I had a day to myself (first one in about a million years). Did nothing of great excitement, got my toes painted, read my book in a coffee shop bought a few clothes. But it was nice to do nothing.


Fetched kids from childminder. 45 min drive home as we're staying with friends due to house being flooded.

Got home and had to make supper. While making supper, DS1 whinged non-stop hanging onto my trousers (age 3.5). Meanwhile DS2 (aged 23 months) is very quiet.

Go find small devil child. He had taken every bit of my make up out of my make up bag and had obliterated 3 lipsticks by painting himself with them and then smearing them all over the carpet/bedding etc. Remember, we're staying at a friend's house while they're away. While cleaning him and the mess up, he disappears. I look for him - he's pissed on the other bedroom floor. (he is potty trained - just)

While cleaning that up, the two of them get into some toys that they're not supposed to be in and make an enormous mess.

Finally get dinner done and served to much whinging/screaming/wanting to be on laps/wanting dummy/wanting a red bowl rather than blue etc

I meanwhile am tidying up all the videos they have pulled out of their boxes, remaking both beds as both wet them last night and trying to generally clear away the bomb site that seems to have developed out of nowhere.

Bathtime - with much yelling because they don't want to - DS1 has a splinter in hand and needs it removed but won't let me remove it. Cue more screaming.

Teeth cleaning time - DS1 refuses to let me clean his teeth and he's not doing it himself. So after several warnings of no story if teeth aren't cleaned, he refuses on final warning so I put his toothbrush away and say: no story. At which point he dives out of the bath to get his toothbrush, skids on the tiles and smashes his cheeks into the floor. Immediate huge lump develops. More screaming (the first time for good bloody reason).

Then try to get a cold compress onto it. More screaming. To cut an already very long story short, I finally got them both upstairs, dried, dressed, final pees out of the way, into bed and I have retired with a glass of wine.

They are still yelling for me and I am now ignoring.

My relaxing day is now just a distant memory.

Anybody want two small boys?

magsi Thu 23-Aug-07 19:58:32

Doesn't it make you wish you kept your legs shut!

MatNanPlus Thu 23-Aug-07 19:59:53

Better day tomorrow.

michaelad Thu 23-Aug-07 20:00:43

I can swap you for my two little devils

they really do have this uncanny ability to ruin every shred of relaxation you had, don't they? Mine seem to also have a radar for when mummy and daddy finally are conscious enough to have sex, so they wake up extra early the next morning. That or they let the cat in or their secret knowledge which then promptly brings in a legion of headless mice over night for you to step on first thing in the morning...

ksld Thu 23-Aug-07 20:01:42

I'll swap you for mine! Had a similar appalling evening after a bad day too. Dh is away with work and everything goes to pot when he is not here to help do bed time. Why can't I manage on my own????

JoshandJamie Thu 23-Aug-07 20:08:18

The worst part is that I had such good intentions to get stuff done this evening - like ironing the tower of laundry, putting on yet another load of washing, going throught he pile of kitchen magazines as we're having to get a new kitchen fitted as ours was ripped out post flood. Plus I really ought to do some work as I took today off - but all I want to do is get snot flying drunk and watch trash TV.

JoshandJamie Thu 23-Aug-07 20:12:19

And Magsi - it really does make me wish that - which is why my DH is fairly frustrated right now. I'm not taking anymore risks that could result in us getting another one!

KSLD - I think children know when their parents are more vulnerable (on their own, feeling ill, very tired, have PMT) and so behave so much worse. Unfortunately for me, my DH is often away. I'd like to say that I've now mastered getting them to bed on my own, but after today I think perhaps I haven't. Sigh. More wine I think

MatNanPlus Thu 23-Aug-07 20:12:53

JoshandJamie might i suggest IKEA for the kitchen, ours is superb and much cheaper than MFI etc.

magsi Thu 23-Aug-07 22:12:42


I triumph at the end of a REALLY exhausting day with my three that I actually 'survived' the day. Fight the desire to 'keep good house' and take comfort in the fact that you have been a great mummy (including being a punchbag for the kids) The Leaning Tower of Ironing surely can wait, wind-down time for mum cannot...........breath

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