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Toddler will hardly eat anything!

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mumsince2018 Tue 03-Dec-19 14:07:59

Hi everyone,
I'm at the end of my tether with my year and 9 month old son. He won't eat anything anymore and when I mean he won't eat anything I'm not exaggerating. All he wants to eat is pasta,noodles or toast. But saying that he didn't want toast or cereals this morning. His back teeth are coming in so I don't know if it's that or he's just being fussy? He used to love sausages,now hates them. He used to love birds eye chicken dippers as a treat, no he won't touch them. Any sandwiches he won't eat. It's just pasta he will eat and I don't want to keep feeding him that. I know he's hungry but I can't get him to eat. The other night I made dinner and he didn't want it so I cooked 2 other things for him and he didn't touch them. Can anyone give any advice?

ET0006 Tue 03-Dec-19 19:48:58

My two year old has just become very fussy with her food and won’t eat meals, she prefers to pick throughout the day. Could you serve up some small snacks for his dinner so he can pick what he wants rather than one meal? Like pasta, some cheese, some fruit, some sweetcorn, some cooked chicken etc? A friend of mine used to blend down mixed veg with tomatoes to make a healthy tomato sauce for pasta so she could ensure her kids were getting veg somehow. I was told to look at a toddlers eating over a week rather than a day as it is very common for them to eat much less on some days. X

mumsince2018 Wed 04-Dec-19 09:51:13

Okay thankyou for your comment it's really helped and reassured me! He does tend to want to snack for in the day at the moment than eat proper dinners. Maybe I should do what you said and do a 'picky dinner' as my mum used to call it and just put like little snack foods for dinner! Thankyou! X

therewerefour Fri 06-Dec-19 20:44:24

When my 18 month old is teething or poorly and won't eat I always panic too because he's always been good with food. I tend to just offer a variety of snacky foods for meals to get him to eat something. Scrambled egg is our go to, so easy and healthy. Add cheese and beans too .

oohnicevase Fri 06-Dec-19 20:46:07

Does he have much milk/ water / squash ? They only have tiny stomachs so cut that back if so and they will eat .

managedmis Fri 06-Dec-19 20:46:30

He's only 9 months?!

oohnicevase Sat 07-Dec-19 07:03:26

Year and 9 months

mumsince2018 Sat 07-Dec-19 14:44:11

He won't eat beans or egg or cheese he literally won't eat anything☹️ and yes he does drink quite abit so maybe I need to cut down on that a little!

KristinaM Sat 07-Dec-19 15:02:34

How long has this been going on? Is he still taking bottles / breast milk / milk in a cup?

Does he still have wet and dirty nappies ?

Is he tired or lethargic ?

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