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Ds(8) - anxiety and challenging behaviour

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rosybell Tue 03-Dec-19 13:34:24

I’m looking for ideas or recommendations for books etc for how to help my DS (8). His anxiety is leading to really challenging behaviour and I’m worried. His latest worry is about time and being late, specifically before school. He likes to have time in the morning to watch tv/do his homework and not be rushed. So he naturally wakes up at 6am (we leave the house at 8.30 am so this gives us loads of time). He will then come into our room, wake us up and if we don’t get up and go downstairs with him right away he has a screaming fit. He shouts at us to get up until one of us does. This is clearly unacceptable and a truly horrid way to start the day, and I don’t know how to handle the situation. I am trying to be mindful that he is genuinely anxious and panicky about having enough time before school, but he cant shout at us like that.

I have given him 3 options: He can go downstairs by himself (he wont as he is scared to do this apparently), he can play in his room until we are ready to get up (maybe for approx. 10 minutes) or he can come into our bed for a cuddle.

He wont accept any of these options, and although it is not every morning it is happening a few times a week and I don’t know what to do. Often they end up in a shouting match at 6am – not ideal.

Looking for any advice as we are at a loss..

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