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Night time overheating anxiety - need advice?

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liz1222 Mon 02-Dec-19 20:59:59

Hi all.

I feel like when I gave birth to my son, all the midwives and health visitors went on about was safe sleeping, they said it all the time and I've always been so nervous about it because of that.

My baby is 6 months old, and the temperature in his room varies and drops from 18-14.5 degrees during the night. He's currently in a vest, sleepsuit and 2.5 tog, but sometimes wakes up when the temp drops and is a little on the cold side.

I'm so nervous about it and I'm scared to leave the heating on low or set a timer or something; as I'm worried I won't be able to monitor him and he might overheat. What should I do?

Am i overthinking and stressing over nothing? Should I leave the heating on low but not use a vest maybe? I'm not sure what to do.

Thanks in advance smile

Lotus90 Mon 02-Dec-19 21:06:15

Hi OP, am in the EXACT same situation. Literally exactly the same. My DS has recently started putting himself to sleep on his tummy too so that's just an added anxiety!

I'll watch this thread with interest but my gut tells me that heating on is not a good idea. Do you think he's waking because he's cold or do you just feel he's a little cold when he's woken for a feed or whatever?

Expressedways Mon 02-Dec-19 21:07:08

Set the heating to a minimum temperature overnight e.g. 16 degrees and dress him for that according to the grow bag guidelines. Then try to relax a bit!

doadeer Mon 02-Dec-19 21:09:41

Is it possible to set your timer so it doesn't drop below 18 degrees? I would be cold myself at 14 degrees.

TwinkleMerrick Mon 02-Dec-19 21:10:03

I would do the feet to the bottom of the cot thing, then put a blanket over my DD with it tucked in at the bottom. Then if she got too hot she would wiggle up the cot. Also set heating to a min temp of 16. Try not to over think it, as long as u use baby safe blanket and sleep bags they will be safe xx

user1493413286 Mon 02-Dec-19 21:10:46

The health visitor told me that as long as they’re not in a hat then even if they get a little warm then that’s ok as the heat can escape; obviously still important not to ridiculously over heat them it made me feel a bit calmer.
Is there a way to try and maintain the temperature? I worked out that my DDs room was getting a draught from the front door and keeping the door closed kept the room warmer.

dementedpixie Mon 02-Dec-19 21:11:48

Try a 3.5tog bag? It's for temperatures below 16 degrees

Grobagsforever Mon 02-Dec-19 21:14:09

Massively over thinking! In summer they get much hotter!

Heating on low is absolutely fine

modgepodge Mon 02-Dec-19 22:03:28

We have a similar dilemma, because we dress our daughter for the room temperature at bedtime - 19-20 degrees. But the heating goes off and it gets colder overnight, and I think she wakes up because she’s cold. So do we add more layers?? But then she might overheat in the evening when we’ve got the heating on!! Arhhhh. We’ve gone with having the heating set to 18 overnight.

melissa112 Tue 03-Dec-19 14:19:33

I was (am) exactly like this. My LB is 8 months old and I am super paranoid about him overheating but for the past month I just turned the thermostat to say 22 (it's in the hallway where its freezing), and leave it on constantly to regulate itself. This actually means his bedroom is staying between 18-20 degrees now all day and all night and doesnt go higher because the hallway reaches 22 I guess before his room can go above 20. It doesnt drop below 18 as it kicks in again before that. So we have him in 2.5 grobag and long sleeved vest as per grobag website and this seems to be fine for daytime naps as well as overnight.

We were previously having the same issue. We would put him to bed and it would be say 18.5 so long sleeved vest and 2.5tog but some days by morning or in the middle of the night it would have dropped to below 16 so he should have had more layers on. But I didnt want to dress him for 16 degrees at bedtime when it was 18.5 when we put him down. I havent even looked at my gas bill, I'm too scared to but this has really given me peace of mind with the temp. Could you do something similar? So find the temperature to set the thermostat which keeps yours or babies room at the temperature you want it. We've had to adjust it slightly now the weather is colder to stop it dropping but it seems to work well.

To be honest I was more worried in the summer as he was still in our room and it would reach 28 degrees so would just be in a vest or nappy overnight. I do get the worry but I do think as long as you arent putting them in massively different togs or outfits to what is recommended then they should be fine and the SIDS risk drops after 6 months too.

ET0006 Tue 03-Dec-19 19:45:17

Try not to worry too much, our house is always very warm and stays at about 21 degrees during the night. I have put both my babies in a vest, sleepsuit and 2.5 tog sleeping bag and they are fine. It would need to be very hot for them to overheat x

liz1222 Tue 03-Dec-19 20:58:39

Thank you to everyone here smile it has massively helped me relax a bit.

Last night I used the timers which was okay but I haven't quite sussed them out properly so tonight I've put the heating on 16 degrees and hope it's okay.

Thanks everyone smile will give an update tomorrow x

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