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Struggling with baby

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woogal Mon 02-Dec-19 20:05:41

I have a 9 month old baby. She is just so miserable all the time. She's on prescription milk for cma and reflux medication and that side of things is all sorted.

She's just so miserable. She screams a lot, especially at night time. She used to sleep fairly well but now she's up during the night screaming and nothing consoles her. By 7pm she's screaming her head off. She doesn't want milk, snack, sleep, cuddles, kisses, nothing works. I'm tearing my hair out. It's starting to get me down. I don't know how to help her be happy.

MrsL2016 Mon 02-Dec-19 20:11:03

How long has this been happening? Could it be teething? Is she ill? Does she have a temp? Maybe give some calpol and see if it helps.

Bluerussian Mon 02-Dec-19 20:14:06

The first thing to do is ensure she is not uncomfortable or in pain. If she isn't, would she be happy sitting in the same room as you, maybe on the floor, playing with things while you have TV/radio/music on in the background. You could interact with her a bit, playing and talking but it would be different to how you are during the day. You might find she likes that better than being put to bed, not all babies need or want sleep by 7pm (mine didn't, neither did I).

It's really nice for babies to be cosy in the evening with their parents, they are an integral part of the whole scene and often remember it later in life.

Worth a shot, certainly better than her screaming in bed.

woogal Mon 02-Dec-19 20:14:09

She has a bit of a cold and she had calpol at 6pm tonight so can't have more until 10 tonight.

woogal Mon 02-Dec-19 20:16:37

she fell asleep so I put her to bed (after bath and bottle) but she's woken up screaming and hasn't stopped since she woke up.

Hubby is taking her out for a walk in the pram to see if that helps.

KimchiLaLa Mon 02-Dec-19 20:18:07

OP I'm really sorry. Nothing worse than a miserable bub. It's awful for them and you.

- can you see a specialist re the reflux? I found with my LO GP's aren't always the best with it, a paediatrician may understand it more.

- At 2/3 months, my LO was really over - stimulated by going out, TV, lots of people, sometimes all at once. She would be fine but then have a meltdown at night if she'd had a busy day and no cot naps. How calm is the environment around her?

- what is your current routine?

- have you read the wonder weeks/got the app? It's brilliant and was a real guide for me as to when my LO would be grumpy!!

- worst case, could you pay for a sleep trainer/maternity nurse to visit you to see if they can offer an external perspective?

Stegosaurus1990 Mon 02-Dec-19 20:18:19

Sounds miserable OP. Could she be teething? Is she like this during the day too?

woogal Mon 02-Dec-19 21:44:14

She's not like this during th day, it's as if her cold seems to bug her at night (does for me too)

I just wish I could help her.

Environment is as calm as it can be with an older child bouncing about the place earlier on, I don't watch tv so it's rarely on, just music on the radio or on my phone.

Alexa playing lullabies, we all read a book when my eldest went to bed, she's had her omeprazole and another few oz of milk and seems to be happier. She's got quite a rash on her face at the moment so could be teeth, allergy to something else.

We see a paediatrician, he suggested we stop all reflux meds as he is sure the reflux is caused by the milk allergy. I think she has both.

It could also be teeth, the drooling over the last several days has been plentiful.

Hopefully it's just a bad few days with a bad cold and teething, I just wish I could help her be happy. She slept quite well until the cold appeared.

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