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Black DD wants to be beige

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Sandrayeo Mon 02-Dec-19 17:08:41

Hi all

my DD is the only black kid in her class.
She's also my parent's only black grandchild (her 6 cousins are all mixed).
She doesn't know her father's family (long story).
I never talked about race with her. I figured I would let her bring it up.
I always made sure to tell her how amazing, smart, and beautiful she his.
I bought her black and white dolls alike.
One day she asked me to style her hair just like a white, blond woman in a
magazine. I showed her natural hairstyles on black models in the same magazine. She started crying, saying she
wanted the blond hairdo.I was baffled.

Yesterday she asked me, out of the blue, to make her "beige" (. She kept saying she wanted to be beige, didn't want to be brown because brown's not pretty
When I ask her if her grandmother, aunties or myself are beautiful, she says yes but still, she wants to be beige.
She cried, a lot, I couldn't change her mind so distracted her with a game.
This morning she woke up asking me to make her beige...again.

I really don't know what to do about this.

rosydreams Tue 03-Dec-19 10:27:42

spend time together in very mixed race areas help her to see that some people are brown some are beige. Like a day out in parts of london some places like dalston are very mixed.Let her see its normal that people are different colours

explain were all different we dont choose what we look like but we embrace what makes us different as it what makes us unique

its going to be hard for her not having friends of similar ethnicity

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