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2 year old ds doesn't stop moving when i'm out! are all little boys like this?

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queenrollo Mon 20-Aug-07 07:57:09

i went to a 2nd birthday party at the weekend and spent an hour chasing ds round the pub garden. It wasn't secured from the car park and some of the children were running around in it (unsupervised ) so of course ds kept running off into it also.

then he kept running off to play with the generator for the bouncy castle.

or playing with the ashtrays/half empty glasses in the smokers area.

wherever we go, if it isn't fenced in and secure i have to be like ds's shadow and it is really getting me down. i feel like a social pariah....and while i'm happy that my child is so active, and indeed is a very sociable little chap....i wish he would just stay in one place occasionally just long enough for me to have a conversation with an adult.

please tell me he's going to grow out of this. even just a little bit? i'm beginning to avoid going out because i usually end up in tears when i do.

beansprout Mon 20-Aug-07 07:59:50

It's hard isn't it? Perhaps the compromise option is to revise your expectations. If I want to talk to a friend and I am with ds, I suggest we go to the park where he can run around and I can chat and drink coffee.

It is miserable though when you are the one just chasing after a child while everyone else is having a good time, just out of reach!

MrsScavo Mon 20-Aug-07 08:00:10

Yes, little boys are like this, and he will grow out of it. - eventually!

harpsichordcarrier Mon 20-Aug-07 08:05:50

yes, boys are like this,
girls, also
it does get a little better but in the meantime you need to choose the places you go to to reduce stress levels.

queenrollo Mon 20-Aug-07 08:07:54

i'm reassured it isn't just seems that way here, but maybe it's just me who has a child like this. or maybe the other mothers with children like this don't go out!

he was pushed over twice at the party, once the mother made the boy apologise. the other time the mother didn't even notice, though her child is a bully (they attend our M&T group)....and this is part of the reason i stay close to ds, so i can discipline this behaviour if ds does it.

our local play area isn't secured...and it opens straight onto the school car park. the one in the next town along has a fenced in toddler area....which is full of climbing i can't leave ds to run around because he needs my help on the play stuff!

roll on September when Surestart begin their sessions again!

MrsScavo Mon 20-Aug-07 08:12:30

And why aren't pub gardens, especially ones with play equipment, secure? When DS1 was 2 he had a real facination with cars, so I would spend most of my time carrying him around the carpark.

KTNoo Mon 20-Aug-07 14:22:30

All mine are like this. Most of my friends' children seem to stand next to Mummy and are really shy. I'm glad mine are not shy as it seems easier but I seem to spend a lot of time searching for them. dd is 6 and pretty sensible so yes it does get easier and you can trust them to go off a bit. ds is 4 and off the planet so I have to keep an eye on him. dd2 is 17 months so it's the walking behind them stage. I don't think you take it so badly after the first dc - now forgotten what life used to be like....

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