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My kids father

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auntysocial Sun 19-Aug-07 21:45:50

Brief background: me and ex spit up 3 years ago, he now lives with new GF and her kids and the boys go to stay there every other saturday night.

Anyway he has never been "father of the year" material and makes it pretty obvious that he doesn't want the kids around him anymore than he has to and my eldest (8) hates going because they're made to sit watching the gf's kids on the playstation all weekend and do nothing else. I'm making him go every fortnight at the moment.

Anyway he's been wanting to join rugby for ages and we found a club that is every sunday morning, so since he's with his dad every other sunday morning I asked his dad if he would take him this sunday (this morning), the club is a very short walk from his house (a bus ride for me) but his dad said he had plans to take them to a show so couldn't. I thought "fair enough" and explained to ds that they were going to a show, he was disapointed but accepted that his dad had made prior arrangments for him so I told ds he could start next week.

Anyway they came home earlier, turns out this show was yesterday so he couldve taken him to rugby afterall, instead they've spent the day sat in front of the TV bored .

And, to top it off my boys came home hungry saying their dads GF had cooked her own kids tea and hadn't given them anything!! (this was past 5pm).

Am I right to be so angry?

turquoisenights Sun 19-Aug-07 22:01:38

you are very right to be angry.
but what can be done to such fathers i dont know.

turquoisenights Sun 19-Aug-07 22:03:05

they just dont want their kids around and they can get away with it. i can never understand that.

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