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ellasmum,i've not forgotton you.

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happyathome Thu 16-Aug-07 22:25:36

Hi,just read your profile to see where youv'e got to lately.Sorry i 'dissapeared'.
Cut down my mumsnetting drastically during school hols and been away on hols too to Filey.So sorry that things were not going well for you.No idea it was like that for you.Glad things have improved.
Good luck with Sept,and hope your DD likes school.Mine is going into year one in Sept.God,don't know where reception went..It is scary and a shock to your system,when your 'only' child goes. My DD enjoys it though and all my fears were unfounded.Her confidence has increased loads this year.Thought i would do home teaching again,but spent all the year revelling in the freedom at first,then moping and sitting in total,frustrating, indecision about whether to have another kid,interspersed with minimal housework,then loads of mumsnet....wasted the year in my opinion.Oh well at least DD made progress and friends!.
School...well...hate the morning rush,nice to talk to other mums a bit,confusion sometimes with what's going keep asking teachers if not sure about things...think they presume you already know!,go and sort things out if there's a problem,don't let it fester!.
Take loads of photos of first day..i did,nice to look back at.
THE SCHOOL DAY IS SHORTER THAN YOU THINK-don't worry about filling it-your'e back to pick them up before you can wink.
Sometimes loved to get DD out my hair for the day,SOMETIMES CRY AND FEEL LONELY GOING HOME ON MY OWN,but you get used to it whatever.The weirdest/hardest part is knowing you cannot be there whenever they need you and that they are now in other adults 'hands' all the time.Hard to trust teachers with your precious only,but you relax,bit by bit,when you see your DD is content enough/progressing.I kept saying to myself that there were at least a 100 other kids there and they all survived and looked happy!
Anyway,would love to hear how you get on.
Hugs to you,and any other mums whose kids are starting this Sept,my thoughts will be with you all.

ellasmum1 Thu 27-Sep-07 22:14:47

Wow! Only just found this post and it made my day- I found it by searching for your recent posts. Had done this many times while you were "away". Really was a bit sad not to stay in touch. I am feeling great now after a bit of depression. It wasn't too bad- came on quite rapidly but also lifted v. quickly once I started some mild anti depressants. Suppose I have been stressing myself worrying about dd starting school/whether to try for another child etc etc! Hope you had a great time with your family during summer hols. And am thrilled for you making a decision on trying for no 2.Sending you lots of good luck vibes! Please keep me updated on any "progress" grin. I am coming round to the idea slowly- feeling v broody when I see all the babies in prams at the school gates!
Hope to hear from you soon anyway- I love you long and rambling posts xgrin

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