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Real tensed!

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smilewidme Wed 15-Aug-07 16:36:01

i hv a daughter of 2yrs..the problem is she is very harsh towards me and disrespects me everytime i interact with her...i have tried to be polite n strict wid her...unfortunately nothing has worked so far...every1 in my family pampers her when i try to discipline her...Please tell me how to make my relation wid her more loveable

HonoriaGlossop Wed 15-Aug-07 16:48:42

Think we need a bit more info! How is she harsh with you? What do you find disrespectful? What do you do to try and 'discipline' her?

Two is very, very young. She has everything still to learn. She needs to be shown how to talk to people and she needs time to learn. She needs clear boundaries about what is not nice; at this age, I think clear boundaries are best given by telling the child NO and removing your attention for a short while.

The most powerful thing though, is always being kind and respectful to her.

smilewidme Wed 15-Aug-07 16:53:18

Thats bful suggestion from your end ...well she doesnt hear me for word simply doesnt work in our case..she doesnt listen my no at all...she is a very pampered child if it all i tell her to behave for something or i tell her to do she just ignores straight away..dat irritates me...and sometimes i lose patience and i slap her tite which brings guilt in me...I abstly trust on wat u say that i hv to b kind and treat her respectfully ....but it seems real real difficult when the situation becomes difficult to handle!
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