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Help! 15month old has drunk some liquid soap.

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FLIER Mon 13-Aug-07 11:57:47

She seemed to be what we scots call "boking" -retching but nothing coming up. wouldn't take a drink if water but had a wee breast feed and she has now gone to sleep. Had her mmr this am too.
Should I do anything about the soap she's consumed? I don't think it was very much. I want to leave her to sleep as long as poss cos of the mmr, but am worried about the soap intake.

moonshine Mon 13-Aug-07 12:05:08

I would phone Nhsdirect or your surgery asap - oddly there's another thread today about a 2-year-old who has swallowed washing-up liquid.

moonshine Mon 13-Aug-07 12:05:58


FLIER Mon 13-Aug-07 12:11:05

Thanks moonshine, just came across that thread.

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