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BREATHING MONITOR Recommendations?

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Natasha0307 Sun 12-Aug-07 15:31:04

Hi! This is my first message on Mumsnet.

I'm thinking of buying a breathing monitor that sounds an alarm after 20 seconds if no breathing is detected.

What's your experience of sensor pads (eg angelcare/nanny BM-02/tommee tippee) vs clip-ons (eg respisense)?

My dd sleeps in a cotbed and moves around a lot and I'm not sure that the sensor pads will cover the whole area.

However, with the clip-on monitor, do they fall off easily or is it uncomfortable if she rolls onto her front?

Any thoughts would be much appreciated.

barbamama Sun 12-Aug-07 15:50:53

Hi, we got the Babysense II one 2.5 years ago for our son and only stopped using it a few months ago when he went into a single bed. In all that time it has been in Moses baskets, cots, cripbs etc and we have never had a false alarm. We really found it reassuring. I think the advantage is it comes with 2 sensor pads so you can use one for small mattresses like the moses baskets and 2 spred out for cots and cot beds. My brother and sister in law have it too and have also been really pleased with it, no false alarms (except the ones you do yourself whne you pick them up in the night and forget to turn it off!)

Natasha0307 Sun 12-Aug-07 16:07:21

Thanks for your post, barbamama.

What's the size of the sensor pads?

My dd starts at the bottom of the cotbed lengthways and by morning has sometimes moved right to the top, widthways so would like to make sure I could cover the cotbed area...

barbamama Sun 12-Aug-07 16:12:15

Each one is 44x27cm - just measured it for you. When you have 2 connected they only need to be touching even the corner of one of them for it to be covered. You space them both out evenly underneath. Mine was a wriggler too, though possibly not quite as much as yours and as I say we never had one false alarm in over 2 years. His was in a Stokke cot which is oval - I am not sure how much bigger a cot bed is? I believe from friends with the Angelcare one that this only has one pad which is disasterous once they go into cots (though I guess a false alarm is better than a real one).

Nemo2007 Sun 12-Aug-07 16:15:12

I had an angel care for Ds and used it again for DD1.Was great and we never had any false alarms. However I broke the ariel on it when getting it set up for DD2.

Natasha0307 Sun 12-Aug-07 16:24:47

Thanks for measuring the sensor pads, barbamama!

hazygirl Sun 12-Aug-07 16:53:34

did a course with coni care on monday and they do not reccomend sensor alarms that attach to abdomen after six months of age as risk of harm,

hazygirl Sun 12-Aug-07 16:55:41

we did have angel care and used on gd and gs and never had a prob ,no false alarms

Natasha0307 Sun 12-Aug-07 17:07:53

Hazygirl, does angelcare come with one pad or two? Do you use a cot or cotbed?


Natasha0307 Sun 12-Aug-07 17:21:43

Hazygirl, when you mention risk of harm with the ones you attach to the baby's nappy, is that because they roll over onto it?

fizzylemonade Sun 12-Aug-07 17:44:53

We bought Tommee Tippee one 4 years ago for DS1 and they say to put the sensor pad at the bottom of the cotbed (feet to foot) but we found he was a wriggler so we re-located it to the middle of the bed. It worked really well and I will say that in 2 years of using the false alarms, only 2 of them, happened when the pad was at the bottom of the cotbed.

We liked the temperature being shown on the parent unit so we did not have to go into the room, plus the flashing light telling us there was movement.

It did say that the matress could not be more than 10cm (?) thick, we wanted a 14cm one but compromised on that for the monitor.

hazygirl Sun 12-Aug-07 19:34:55

it has one sensor pad located under mattress the one we have coming attaches to abdomen but not after six months incase twists round etc coni care provide this due to our little man leaving us,

hazygirl Sun 12-Aug-07 19:35:42

you can use in crib,cot or cot bed

Natasha0307 Mon 13-Aug-07 11:22:16

Hazygirl, thanks for your comments - just looked up what coni care is - didn't realise before - sorry to hear about your little man - best wishes xx

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