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ok i feel sick :(

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iliketosleep Sat 11-Aug-07 16:52:34

dd just stood on some broken glass and has cut her foot open

she thought it would be a good idea to twist her foot to look at the cut and it kinda twisted and opened really wide blurgh!!!

dps took her to A&E while i stay home with other dcs and i feel a bit bad for not being with her

belgo Sat 11-Aug-07 16:54:09

don't feel bad for not going with her- someone has to look after your other dc. She'll be fine - you've done the right thing getting her to A&E

iliketosleep Sat 11-Aug-07 16:56:09

my baby [sob]

mamama Sat 11-Aug-07 17:03:22

She'll be ok. and so will you. {hug}

belgo Sat 11-Aug-07 17:03:58

I know the feeling.

McEdam Sat 11-Aug-07 17:32:19

eek poor dd and poor you. Grim.

Doodledootoo Sat 11-Aug-07 17:35:22

Message withdrawn

onlyWotz Sat 11-Aug-07 17:37:13

poor dd, she will be hobbling for a few weeks.

iliketosleep Sat 11-Aug-07 18:48:05

ok dp decided to "try" the emergency docs before taking to A&E. They said some plasters and a bandage so we have done and she seems ok with that, although she forgets the bandage is actually a bandage and not a sock and stands flat on it then goes "owowowowow" lol bless her

onlyWotz Sun 12-Aug-07 11:14:00

Can't give you real medical advice (only personal experience) but those blister plasters are very good and keep a seal on the area and heals quickly.

see here Boots make them too.

I used one on bottom of my foot for a cut on holiday and it has healed very well.

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