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whats your daily routine/activity with a nearly 4 yr old

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knat Thu 09-Aug-07 14:20:29

dd will be 4 in october - having problems at hte moment with general behaviour and also sleep. She eithe rwakes in the night for anything upto a couple of hours - chatting away quite loudly or wakes early - 5.00am. Obiously this will have an affect on her behaviour. I'm wondering if she has enough activity during the day. She is n active child but may be more on a mental level than physical. also what times do you do meals and snacks. Do you give anything to eat before bed? Any comments please feel free Thanks

TheQueenOfQuotes Thu 09-Aug-07 14:26:08

DS2 will be 4 in November. atm (being holidays) it's not quite his "usual" day (and he shares with his brother which can affect waking/sleeping times).

BUT - generally they come downstairs at 8am (although they've often been awake earlier) (I'm already up with DS3) as I'm usually half zonked out on the sofa feeding DS3 they play together doing jigsaw puzzles, colouring or boardgame.

Then they have breakfast (term times 8am, holidays 9-9.30am, DS2 snacks ALL day, EVERY day - he eats about twice the amount that DS1 does . When the weather is nice they're both kicked out into the garden - sometimes DS1 comes in and entertains himself but DS2 will stay out there. Inbetwee whiles he likes to help me with the washing, tidying etc.

Lunch is at 12(ish). Then atm I have to confess afternoons are spent with DS1 and DS2 entertaining themselves on the PS2 . Normally though DS2 would play with the toys in their bedroom, or we still go to a toddler group where he's got lots of friends. Dinner is around 6pm(ish).

They usually come off the PS2 around 4pm (or if I'm feeling extra lazy just before dinner is ready ). they both tend to amuse themselves really...

DS1 goes to bed at 7pm, DS2 at 8 (yes I do mean it that way round LOL).

MadamePlatypus Thu 09-Aug-07 14:31:31

It its not the holidays, DS is at nursery every morning, so:

7am ish up, breakfast, get dressed
9am go to nursery.
12.30 collect from nursery
1pm lunch
2-4, usually out and about doing something - in the park or meeting friends.
4-5 - at home - play in garden, lego, drawing
5pm - supper
5.30 TV
6.30 bath
7pm stories
7.30 lights out

We don't follow this routine every day, but this is roughly what I aim for. (We also have DD 9 months old so things don't always run as smoothly as the above may suggest...!)

If he is on holiday we usually hit the park/library/shops/swimming pool at about 9am and come home for some R&R just before lunch, or plan a whole day activity.

hotcrossbunny Thu 09-Aug-07 14:51:45

I don't really think we have a set routine with dd 4. She still naps most afternoons or rests in her bed so bedtime is a little later than most 4 year olds I think.

She tends to wake between 7.30 and 8.30.
Milk and a bit of tv then breakfast 9 ish.
Out most mornings and often pack a picnic so don't rush home.
Nap 2-4 ish.
Tea 6 ish.
Bath or dog walk.
Bed 8-8.30
Asleep 8.30-9.30

works for us but she is a lovely laid back little girl who easily copes with a late night/visitors etc. Without the nap the world ends about 4.00 and she grumps and strops til bed

juuule Thu 09-Aug-07 18:17:23

Roughly -
Awake about 7-7:30.
Potters about most of the day and plays, either on her own or with her sisters.
Fits in with whatever we are doing. If we are going shopping, she comes shopping - that sort of thing.
Goes to bed anywhere between 8pm and 10pm.
Unusual for her to nap in the day but very occassionally nods off late afternoon and then won't go to sleep until around midnight, so if we see her getting sleepy early on we do try to keep her awake at least until 7pm.
Breakfast is when she is ready.
Lunch around 1pm.
Evening meal around 4:30-5:30.
Supper if she asks.

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