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Mum smokes in her house

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Thatyoungmum Wed 11-Sep-19 20:08:59

Hi all,
My boy is 18 months and has never been to my mums house. The reason being is because she smokes in her house. We've had many arguments about it in the past where she wants him to come round but I won't let it as she smokes there. She says she won't smoke before he comes but in my eyes that's no good as i know smokes stays in fabrics and things like that.
We have recently moved into my husbands parents for awhile and her and my sister refuse to come round as they feel 'awkward'. They then moan that they can't see me unless it's in a cafe or somewhere like that. It's sad because I haven't seen them in around 3 months because of it and I had a text message from my sister today basically saying I need to apologise. For what I don't know. Am I in the wrong?

Aquamarine1029 Wed 11-Sep-19 20:13:26

You're not wrong as far as I'm concerned. A house that's smoked in is absolutely disgusting and I wouldn't set foot in it, never mind bring my baby into it. They have the right to smoke, you have the right to protect your child from it.

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