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Doll for a two year old

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westcountrychicken Wed 11-Sep-19 14:26:02

Can anyone recommend a nice realistic-ish type baby doll for a two year old? I don't want one that cries or pees, but one that's nice to cuddle and 'pretend' with, so a soft body maybe?

I know nothing about dolls and a trip to Smyths has proved futile and confusing!

sleepismysuperpower1 Wed 11-Sep-19 16:40:01

this doll here has a soft body, is washable and its clothes that it comes with are great quality (have lasted for years!)

Ricekrispie22 Thu 12-Sep-19 05:04:41

My Little Baby Born First Love or My First Baby Annabel. Argos’s own soft bodied doll is also good

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