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Technology for 9 year old

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40howdidthishappen Wed 11-Sep-19 12:36:41

It's DS' birthday soon. Trying to work out how to meet his digital 'fix' and enjoyment needs whilst giving something useful, not spending a fortune and not having to replace anytime soon. Possible options that I'd like your view on please:

1. Second hand kindle (digital fix, enjoyment) and access to a predominantly kids only laptop (games and school stuff).

2. Tablet (what he's asking for) and access to a laptop (as above).

3. Another option??

So far I've resisted a tablet as I'm concerned there will be constant pressure to use it, I imagine it's harder to monitor use given its portable and the price tag attached. Should I resist longer?

QueefLatifah Wed 11-Sep-19 12:48:22

Get him a tablet. You will find most 9 year olds definitely have a tablet..

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