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Stye-4 year old

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Chunk9 Wed 11-Sep-19 12:29:27

My son has had a really sore looking stye under his eye for about 3 months now. We’ve been to the doctors several times but they just keep telling me it’s a stye and looks worse than it is. I’ve tried hot compresses, and the latest I was told to bath it with baby shampoo and water to dry it up. Nothing is working! He says it doesn’t hurt but it’s bright red. We go
On holiday this week and I’m terrified it’s going to become infected. Anyone have any suggestions?

Seeline Wed 11-Sep-19 12:38:10

Well the Old Wives' tale is to rub it with a wedding ring!
I don't know whether it is the gold or the pressure that is supposed to do the trick, and no idea if it actually works grin

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