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Ex bad mouthing new BF

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cosmicbabe Wed 11-Sep-19 09:03:48


My Ex left me and our son when he was just over a year old. Left for OW whom he is still with. Although they have had a rocky relationship, me and ex have ended up sleeping together on a few occasions ect... But I have never bad mouthed her or my sons dad to my son.

I have recently met a guy after many years single. Our son is now 6. I told my ex and asked if he would like to meet him before I introduce him to our son. He said no and has basically lost the plot and thrown his toys out the Pram. He has since told our son he doesn't like my BF even though he refused to meet him and knows nothing about him bar what I've told him.

He has also been telling our son he can go live with him whenever he wants as he doesn't want another man bringing up his son. I just don't know how to handle this. I've sat down with Ex and asked him to stop this behaviour which he agreed he would try but it carried on. Now my son feels like he's stuck in the middle and at 6 years old he should just be happy and healthy and not pressured into any horrible feelings.


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