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Toddler parenting book recommendation please?

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Aspenn17 Tue 10-Sep-19 19:31:28


I feel like I knew loads about pregnancy and babies but it’s occurred to me that I know nothing about toddlers. My 18 month old is generally very good but the toddler phase is starting... fussy eating, tantrums when she isn’t allowed to do something (such as climb the stairs!) and I’m starting to realise I have no idea how to handle the toddler stage. Are there any books that you could recommend to better prepare me for the next couple of years!? Thanks

LiliesAndChocolate Tue 10-Sep-19 20:40:15

I actually have two!

My advice is: don't talk too much, don't rush on your knee hugging DC every time she is frustrated, eat at the table, not the tv or iPad , you and you DD eat the same thing at the same time sitting down, you don't want them to eat crap , don't buy it, and for tantrums use the distraction. "look there is a cat!"
For any situation you haven't read about in a book, think your DD is your best friend. IF she started screaming because the pub is closed, you wouldn't hug her, but just tap her on the shoulder and go somewhere else.
But then I am French smile and our parenting style is very different !

littlebrownmice Tue 10-Sep-19 20:49:01

How to talk so kids listen and listen so kids talk is great, also Toddlercalm by Sarah Ockwell Smith although that one isn't for everyone I think.

Mine is the same age though so I've no idea what does and doesn't work!

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