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Gymnastics for Boys

(11 Posts)
auntysocial Tue 07-Aug-07 22:13:36

I have a 6 year old son who is as much a "lad" as they come, he's always up in tree's, if there is a drain pipe he'll be half way up it, if there's a fence it will be climbed, he loves to jump off his high sleeper bed and grip the top of his bedroom door and hang there before jumping off...he can scale a wall that is almost the same size as him soldier style, he's thin, agile and despite the "Girly stigma" I thought Gymnastics would be absolutely ideal for him, I think he would be great at it!

Does anyone's sons do it and how much do classes normally cost?

ejt1764 Tue 07-Aug-07 22:21:30

My ds has been going to a gymnastics class since he turned 3 - he's now nearly 5 - he absolutely loves it - I took him for much the same reasons as you - he was doing forward rolls all over the place, and was doing headstands up the back of the sofa - so I took him so that somebody could teach him how to do it properly!

Yes, there are more girls in his class - but he dpesn't mind - at that age, they do all the same pieces of apparatus anyway.

DS goes to our local gym club, but the leisure centre also run sessions.

British Gymnastics have a find a club search facility.

I pay £12 per half term for ds to go for an hour session once a week.

FrannyandZooey Tue 07-Aug-07 22:26:23

Hi aunty - I am just considering starting my son at gymnastics, mostly because it is easy to get to and I can go to the gym while he has his class It will cost around £4 per week for an hour and a quarter if we do sign up. I don't know about the older class, but we have used to go to a parent and toddler drop in, and it was about equal girls and boys.

Aero Tue 07-Aug-07 22:28:52

Yes, my ds1 and dd both do gymnastics. Admittedly it was meant to be for dd, but ds1 decided he'd rather join in than spend and hour waiting for her, so I agreed. They've enjoyed it and gained several badges between them. We go to the local leisure centre and it costs around £3.50 a session. It's recreational rather than serious competitive stuff, but good fun and great exercise.

littleredhen Tue 07-Aug-07 22:31:13

I investigated our local one for my 6 yo dd but the literature they sent seemed so stern and kind of horrible I thought she'd hate it!

but it did say the classes were for boys and girls

WinkyWinkola Tue 07-Aug-07 22:39:24

I fully intend to send my son to gymnastics class once he's 3. I think it's brilliant for balance, strength and co-ordination. It's £54 per term which is roughly £4.50 per class which is 60 mins long.

PS He can stop any time he wants to.

Reallytired Tue 07-Aug-07 23:06:15

My son goes to gymnastics. It costs about £78 a term and on top of that you have to pay £20 to join th British Gymnastics association. The £20 covers the cost of insurance and you get a magerzine.

A lot of gym clubs run summer sessions. Our club charges £5 for one summer session of an one half and hour. Its worth trying it before forking out for the cost of insurance.

My son's club has seperate boy and girl classes which helps to avoid the "girly stigma". My son also has a male coach who is brilliant.

dinny Wed 08-Aug-07 09:25:56

dd wants to start gymnastics but we have so many after-school things am not sure...

do they do gymnastics in school as part of the curriculum?

christywhisty Wed 08-Aug-07 09:36:14

There are boys at my daughters old gymnastic club. There are 2 clubs close to us and both of them have long waiting lists, not sure if this is normal.

WestCountryLass Wed 08-Aug-07 17:51:28

My DS goes to an hours session once a week after school, he is nearly 6. It costs me £5 and they do all sorts of stuff and a few boys go.

Nat1H Thu 09-Aug-07 22:26:22

My DS1 (7) is exaclty the same!! I wouldn't worry about gymnastics being 'girly' at all. DS1 goes to ballet, tap and modern dance classes (all instgated by him) and he loves it. He has had the mickey taken out of him at school, but he loves dancing and isn't bothered by this at all. I would take your son to gymnastics - it might stop him hanging off his bedroom door for a while!!

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