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What, you have no WILLY MUM? You are lying! Show me....

(12 Posts)
StarryStarryNight Mon 06-Aug-07 22:30:20

erm, no? Let us look at the pictures of boys and girls in this book instead.

So, how do you normally explain the differences between boy and girl, who has a willy and who hasent, and how do girls wee if they dont have a willy, and why no willy?

Following on to:
How do you make babies?
WHy did you make only boys and not girls?
What do you mean by chance, did you not want boys?
Can you please make a baby girl for me, I so want a sister?
- no sweetheart that is not possible, maybe you want a pet cat instead?

"But MUM, can you really make kittens? I thougt only cats did that..."

Questions Questions, I am ill equipped, did not think they would come at 5....

fingerwoman Mon 06-Aug-07 22:37:35

hmm well, ds accompanies me to the toilet so already knows I have no willy. he is only 2 though, and quite insistent that I am a boy lol

StarryStarryNight Mon 06-Aug-07 22:40:29

Well mine follows me to the toilet too, but I suppose he has never really thought about it till now, or he might thought it was hidden there somewhere...

And he is also insistent he is a boy, but keen to find out how I can wee without a willy.

MrsWeasley Mon 06-Aug-07 22:42:01

my ds thinks I keep my willy hiding "up there" (his words) no matter how many times i tell him girls dopt have one it makes no difference to him )

GodzillasBumcheek Mon 06-Aug-07 22:43:55'll just have to explain that you have a(nother) hole underneath that it comes out of, and he'll just have to put up with that for an much more graphic can you get?
Never had the problem with my dds, as they saw both dh and i starkers when they were little (although not all the time obviously, we're not naturists).

tissy Mon 06-Aug-07 22:44:15

my dd(5) has found her clitoris, and thinks that's a tiny willy- she's a bit worried that it might grow and she'd turn into a boy. That is a problem because she doesn't like Spiderman, and I might throw her Barbies away

Gosh the world must be a confusing place to a child!!!

Pruners Mon 06-Aug-07 22:46:12

Message withdrawn

nooka Mon 06-Aug-07 22:46:39

lol - love the mummy making kittens idea! I think our questions came much earlier, and we probably explained when ds and dd were in the bath together. dh and I always walked about naked quite a bit though, so I think they got the idea about men and women looking different quite early on. I do remember dd being quite upset about getting hairy down there, and ds thinking that was hilarious. I've always gone for the matter of fact approach, and it seems to have worked out OK (mostly!).

louii Mon 06-Aug-07 22:47:28

My DS, knows himself and his daddy have willies,we walk around naked on occasion, like when getting dressed etc

He knows i do not have one but insists that santa is going to bring me one, they are so funny at 2.

StarryStarryNight Mon 06-Aug-07 22:50:54

We cant walk around naked much at all because of au pairs etc. But he has seen us in the bathroom, and I shower with them (wet room, so plenty of space, no bath tub)

He is getting concerned about hair around his willy. He knows big boys get that. And I think he knows I have not really got a willy, I think he is just using this as a way of talking about something that interests him.

I have a very good body book I bought from the book people back home (holiday now) and I told him about that book and we will talk in details when we can look in the book to illustrate, but that has not stopped his questions though.

I did say I have another whole that wee comes out from, too. I think he is just curious.

MrsWeasley Mon 06-Aug-07 23:01:36

my dc see us naked too which is why DS thinks I hide mine LOL

StarryStarryNight Mon 06-Aug-07 23:10:28

Maybe THAT is what he meant when he asked: "where does the willy go when it goes inside you?" Maybe he thinks it retracts?

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