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What do/don't you do that others think are crucial to parenting?

(16 Posts)
Twiglett Sun 05-Aug-07 13:56:07

My kids don't wear hats .. never have


hunkermunker Sun 05-Aug-07 14:01:28

I didn't replace breastfeeds with other milk once they stopped breastfeeding. Well, once DS1 did - DS2 hasn't yet.

NineUnlikelyTales Sun 05-Aug-07 14:04:08

I don't keep my DS immaculately clean at all times of the day and night.

I believe in unlimited cuddles and affection from birth onwards.

WanderingTrelawney Sun 05-Aug-07 14:07:46

Interesting hunker - so ds1 doesn't drink milk at all?

I'm not a parent but I have to say I think that every toy being essentially educational is overrated - what happened to having fun? Obv children learn through this too, but I've never gone out of my way to provide toys with letters/numbers/periodic table all over them. Viva the mud pies!

DrunkenSailor Sun 05-Aug-07 14:14:52

Message withdrawn

madamez Sun 05-Aug-07 14:18:06

I let mine watch telly and I don't fuss much about mess

Cappuccino Sun 05-Aug-07 14:21:32

i don't really speak to them

WanderingTrelawney Sun 05-Aug-07 14:22:37


mears Sun 05-Aug-07 14:26:17

Same here hunker

hunkermunker Sun 05-Aug-07 14:26:31

WT - he does now - but he can ask for it now

He didn't for about a year after he stopped bfing, except very occasionally if I thought to give it to him or someone else did. Didn't cross my mind to structure it into his day or give it to him at bedtime or anything.

hunkermunker Sun 05-Aug-07 14:27:23

DS, how was PG - saw him a few years ago at Earls Court and he was amazing!

potoroo Sun 05-Aug-07 14:28:14

Don't care about toilet training that much (DS is only just over 2 - MIL obsessed).

I didn't replace BF with milk either. I only give it to DS if he asks.

Let him spend the day in PJs if that's what he wants. Trousers/shorts are totally optional at home.

Not that fussed about bedtime on weekends.

potoroo Sun 05-Aug-07 14:28:56

And he drinks (milky) tea.

Bouquetsofdynomite Sun 05-Aug-07 20:18:08

Never bathed them every night, even as babies it was more like once a week, now it's every other day just for something to do. Wash their hair once a week with nit shampoo.
Very quickly abandoned baby monitor.

PregnantGrrrl Mon 06-Aug-07 11:34:49

don't believe in smacking, bathing every night or CC, as much as people try to advise me otherwise.

TheQueenOfQuotes Mon 06-Aug-07 11:39:28

I rarely "actively" play with the DS's (never have - but the older 2 seem to be fine so I'm sure DS3 will be too ),

I used CC with DS1 (and will with DS3 if he hasn't sorted his sleeping/going to sleep on his own by 6-7months),

I don't "do" messy play (ie cooking, painting etc etc) - that's left to school/nursery/toddler groups,

I bottlefed DS2, and am mainly FF'ing DS3 too

Baths every 2 days

Clothes, except pants, are worn 2 days running unless dirty.

Use smacking occasionaly with the older DS's (and will with DS3 if/when needed when he's older)

They don't drink water (well DS1 has started to since going to school) - tried, they didn't like it so I didn't push it, instead they have lots of squash

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