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When did you first take your first baby abroad?

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Lauraloop1516 Sun 11-Aug-19 13:35:05

Just that really - I'm pregnant just now and me and dh keep reminiscing about a lovely holiday we had in France a few years ago where we essentially lived on baguette and cheese. Baby due in January - when do you think they would be most suited to a week in France? We were thinking of going maybe September or October.

TheLetterOfTheLawTheLetter Sun 11-Aug-19 14:05:54

Ours was 5 months... He has been on almost 20 flights now coming up to 2, and I can now say that the easiest time to travel was when he was still breastfeeding. If that's what you plan to do, make the most of it! Maybe your plan will work, as baby may be in some kind of sleep routine by that point whereby they will go to sleep in pram and allow nice Al fresco dinners. But be prepared, holidays are generally trips and not holidays after children come into the picture grin

MissYeti Sun 11-Aug-19 14:12:00

DS was a few days off 8 months old. We took him to Brussels on the eurostar and it was actually a really pleasant journey. The flight we went on when he was 14 months was a completely different ball game but was managed with lots of small toys to keep him somewhat amused.

September time sounds perfect imo

Exitstrategist Sun 11-Aug-19 14:12:25

2 months! As soon as she had her passport (it was Xmas time so we were visiting family)

ThroughThickAndThin01 Sun 11-Aug-19 14:13:58

He was 9 months. Born in the January, we went in September. Italy.

JellyfishAndShells Sun 11-Aug-19 14:14:12

4 months, very long haul, to see DH family. Easiest time, as still breastfeeding so no worries about carrying, preparing food or chasing little escape artists at a fast crawl ! Second DD the same. September/Oct might be nice for a short haul/driving hol to France because maybe not too hot

. Get’em used to travelling early - my two were great travellers and learnt that ‘are we there yet’ was never a useful question !

wishfull888 Sun 11-Aug-19 14:16:23

4 months. We thought it was hard at the time - it wasn't !

stanski Sun 11-Aug-19 14:16:58

2.5 months was first flight, he's been on over 30 now and only just turned 3. It's super easy flying with a baby just make sure once he's old enough to get one of those carry on board prams (like the yoyo) as makes your life so much easier

MoreSlidingDoors Sun 11-Aug-19 14:21:09

4 months, long haul to the Middle East. She was surprisingly more portable at that age, even with breast pumps etc.

Ginger1982 Sun 11-Aug-19 14:37:53

17 months. Huge mistake. Complete waste of money. We should have gone when he was smaller or waited until he was older.

But that was just my experience. I'm sure loads of folk have been abroad with kids the same age and had no problems!

MM29 Sun 11-Aug-19 14:44:13

6months to self catering in south of france

timeforawine Sun 11-Aug-19 14:44:28

10 months old, long haul London-LA for 3 week driving holiday

widget2015 Sun 11-Aug-19 14:59:13

2 months much easier than the next trip at 18 months when he was mobile...

Eminybob Sun 11-Aug-19 15:02:48

With ds1, he was 4 months old. It was super easy, he was ebf and just fed and slept.

Ds2, we haven’t been abroad yet, because, well, we have 2 dc now so are unlikely to ever be able to afford to go abroad ever again grin

European12345 Sun 11-Aug-19 15:09:09

4 months. He’s taking his 12th flight in 2 weeks time and he’s 16m.

SerenavanderWoodson Sun 11-Aug-19 15:11:27

9 weeks and it was great. France is easy - a short flight, small time difference and plenty of nappies and baby wipes for sale!

hairyturkey Sun 11-Aug-19 15:11:32

There's definitely a sweet spot, don't wait til Baby can crawl or walk. 4 months sounds about right to me. We took my 9mo to Australia and it was ok but would have been easier if she was smaller

Twickerhun Sun 11-Aug-19 15:12:59

4 months - before baby is moving and after they are fragile and new born.

Bluebelltulip Sun 11-Aug-19 15:29:04

My January born baby went to France at 4 months (may) and the following year too. We drove though, she's not flown yet.

GreeboIsMySpiritAnimal Sun 11-Aug-19 15:36:37

When DD was five months we took the Eurostar to Bruges, and it was lovely. She was content to just snooze in her buggy while we took in the sights, and travelling by train was easy enough.

Yogurtcoveredricecake Sun 11-Aug-19 19:36:19

9 months. It would have been easier if he was younger or older - been abroad twice since he's been 1/walking and it was much easier.

Ornery Sun 11-Aug-19 19:40:55

She was born abroad so travel was just part and parcel of life. She’d been on many planes before her first birthday, many countries, and we moved continents. Babies are very portable. She took her first steps in a ski lodge grin

Lauraloop1516 Sun 11-Aug-19 19:42:42

Thank you so much for the replies - this has been really helpful! I wish we were nearer London so the eurostar is more of an option, but we're based in Edinburgh so flying is probably best.

onemorecakeplease Sun 11-Aug-19 19:44:34

18mo but you could take a baby to France anytime!

Verily1 Sun 11-Aug-19 19:44:37

23 months.

Lauraloop1516 Sun 11-Aug-19 19:44:52

@greebolsmyspiritanimal - amazing! We spent our honeymoon in Bruges over ten years ago and we really enjoyed it. Maybe it's time for a return visit?!

Haworthia Sun 11-Aug-19 19:46:27

Still haven’t - she’s nearly 8 confused

saywhatwhatnow Sun 11-Aug-19 19:47:11

At 9 weeks we took him to France, we drove down and were self catering. It was great! He slept and fed and we were there with lots of family so he got lots of attention. We did nearly run out of formula though confused

Took him to Spain at 3 months and he was very good too. Plane was fine. I found keeping him cool a bit tricky and ended up either inside or in the pool a lot.

Since he's been walking holidays have become slightly less holiday-ey, totally agree with the 'go before they are mobile!' advice.

PrincessMargaret Sun 11-Aug-19 19:57:45

4 months we drove to France for a week. 8 months we flew to Italy. Both were a doddle, but she was a very good baby.

Hugtheduggee Sun 11-Aug-19 20:02:14

First was 9 m second child was 6 weeks.
Both absolutely fine but the second time with the new born was much much easier.

I'd def recommend travelling in the first 6 months (preferably earlier than this).

Charlottejade89 Mon 12-Aug-19 15:59:15

11 months and it was a nightmare to be honest! she was crawling and almost walking, and wouldn't nap on the plane so i spent 2 hours walking up and down the aisle with her holding her hands. She was also teething badly and didnt adjust very very to different sleep times as we are I such a routine at home and have set naps and bedtime. So in short, she was tired, hot and miserable pretty much the entire week. Never again

CottonSock Mon 12-Aug-19 16:03:46

4 months ish with both. First time I was very stressed and it wasn't a great holiday. I would wait and see before booking what type of baby you have and how you feel. It went better when my dd2 was 12 weeks. We had travelled a lot by this point.and knew what worked (villas or apartment not hotel). We had other fabulous holidays when they were 10 months ish. Much more fun.

CottonSock Mon 12-Aug-19 16:05:58

I think I'm the only one that enjoyed 10 months hehe. I had pnd with both and felt much better by that point. So probably why it felt easier in comparison!

youarenotkiddingme Mon 12-Aug-19 16:18:09

6 weeks.

We came back to uk for a weeks holiday to surprise my mum for a milestone family party she was having.

Stayed in a static caravan in October for a few days too whilst there. Ds was use to hot temperatures only!

And we nearly gave mum a heart attack grin

SayOohLaLa Mon 12-Aug-19 16:20:46

3 months. She was a much younger sibling though so had to fit in with a half term holiday for our older one. Fed her on the plane and she was fine. Howled all the way to the hotel though, so glad we had a direct transfer rather than a coach.

Mummyshark2018 Mon 12-Aug-19 16:28:39

6 weeks for first flight- still uk but to visit family.
3 months family holiday to Italy.

Mumoftwoyoungkids Mon 12-Aug-19 16:34:37

With dd (first child) we didn’t until she was 2. But then realised it was much easier than we thought. With ds he was 4 months and it was very very easy. He was fully breast fed so I just fed whenever he wanted throughout the flight - he thought it was his birthday! We had a lovely holiday as he just wanted cuddles, food (which I could provide an all inclusive 24 hour snack bar for), more cuddles and sleep. Dd was 3 and adorable and pretty easy as well.

Didn’t fancy going abroad between 6 and 12 months as was concerned about bottled water and mineral content.

Took him again at 12 months and he was really really hard work! Wanted to walk everywhere but couldn’t walk!

Got easier each time after that.

Screamanger Mon 12-Aug-19 16:35:59

We traveled when DS was 4 weeks. We came back to the UK for 10 days.

MarshaBradyo Mon 12-Aug-19 16:40:08

6 months it was much easier than recently at 18 months

SpeedyShutter Mon 12-Aug-19 16:54:24

My dc are 7&8 and they still haven't been abroad grin

gil66 Mon 12-Aug-19 19:25:25

We took our 1st on a 3 week road trip around New York State, Canada & NYC at 4 months. We took our 2nd to Cyprus at 4 months with big sister (2.5yrs).

If you’re used to travelling, having a baby is no real stress. Get good travel insurance to alleviate any worries about accessing medical care.

PerfectPeony2 Mon 12-Aug-19 19:28:47

Honestly it depends what kind of baby you get (and birth too). I’d wait and book last minute.

Our lives were pretty difficult until about 11 months when DD could walk. We went on holiday when she was 10 months and to be honest, it sucked because we just couldn’t do anything.

MrsBertBibby Mon 12-Aug-19 19:32:29

Mine was born January, took him to Mallorca in May, which was awesome. And Florida in June, which was bloody hellish (I hated Florida, it was crazily hot and I didn't want to go. )

Much easier than when he was a toddler!

stucknoue Mon 12-Aug-19 19:35:11

6 weeks, but I was relocating, couldn't fly on the proper date due to be heavily pregnant so followed on ASAP

thisisthetime Mon 12-Aug-19 19:40:43

3 months. 2nd at 8 weeks. They have both flown many times now and those were the easiest holidays by far. Before they could move grin

HobbyIsCodeForDogging Mon 12-Aug-19 19:42:54

First flight was at about 6 weeks, I was on my own with the baby but it was fine. That was for visiting family though so not a holiday really.

First holiday was 5 months. Daytimes were easier than I expected, evenings were harder - ours was not a baby who'd sleep in her pram while we had a stroll or dinner etc (she'd cry a lot in the evenings if not asleep) so we ended up either with takeaway on the balcony or eating a bigger lunch or having early evening tapas rather than going out for dinners.

Timeless19 Mon 12-Aug-19 19:45:37

9 months still bf and she wasn’t crawling. It only felt like a holiday because we ate out All the time and it was a nice hotel, flight was 3 hours. I was just debating going to the USA with her at 13 months whilst my husband is there with work and I can’t be bothered. I will be on my own for a week and with all the kit you need, navigating the airport and transfers it’s more hassle than it’s worth. Europe is fine but will wait until she’s 3/4 to go long distance.

IWouldPreferNotTo Mon 12-Aug-19 19:45:43

3 months then again at 4 and 6. Three months was easier. Much less wriggling and wanting to get onto other people.

My tip is to book flights around sleeping time, get them into a milk coma and if all else fails stand near the toilets where the staff may chat to you if they have somr free time. We did Ryanair on all the flights and the staff were lovely

sue51 Mon 12-Aug-19 19:47:40

3 months short flight and 8 months long haul.

youngestisapsycho Mon 12-Aug-19 19:50:08

DD was 7 months when we did a 32 hour trip to New Zealand... she was a very good baby though!

MeadowHay Mon 12-Aug-19 20:15:21

DD is 13.5 months now and we took her to southern Spain at 8.5 months. 3 hour flight. No bother on the way there, cried a bit on and off on the way back which was a little stressful but I travelled with 3 other adult members of my family on the way there and 4 on the way back, so we could pass her around. And I had tons of help carrying stuff and managing all the luggage all the time. The holiday itself was fairly chilled as we kind of had to fit everything around DD so we didn't do tons but it was nice enough. She screamed hysterically for 3 hours in the middle of the night on the first night and my DPs took turns to try and help me during it as I was alone in a hotel room with her. But she slept not too bad the remaining 6 nights. Sorting formula was a bit faffy having to wash and sterilise everything in the bathroom sink every night and not daring to boil a kettle in case she woke up as she is a light sleeper. With hindsight I think an apartment would have been better so could put her to bed in a bedroom and then sat in living room with my other relatives rather than on my own in the hotel room in dark and quiet.

m0therofdragons Mon 12-Aug-19 20:30:35

Twins were 6 months and dd1 was 18months.

mindutopia Mon 12-Aug-19 21:01:02

It's much easier to travel before they are mobile. I took my then 8 month old to Barcelona (alone) and it was lovely, but he was crawling at that age and it was just on the cusp of when it would have become really difficult. He was in to everything but he would at least still tolerate a day out in the pushchair as long as we came back to the flat in the afternoon for him to crawl around for a few hours before going out for the evening. It was really lovely though and I felt that it gave me a lot of confidence. I didn't really travel with my first until she was about 2.5, so was lovely to do when he was little.

bouncingraindrops Mon 12-Aug-19 21:13:51

When she was 7 grin

But I had no desire to go before then. We toured the uk in a camper van when she was little, and did again once more DC came along.

3boysandabump Mon 12-Aug-19 21:43:13

9 weeks and it was a doddle.

The following year was not so fun 😂

HerSymphonyAndSong Mon 12-Aug-19 21:47:33

Just last week at 15mo, to France. I am breastfeeding him so it was actually pretty easy in terms of the flight as we went for evening flights when he was sleepy and happy to nod off at the breast. However, our return flight was delayed by hours and he had come down with a cold and suddenly developed a really high temperature while we were waiting. Fortunately I had calpol etc with me, but it was very stressful worrying about getting him home with all the delays when he was feeling so rotten

Cheerfullygo4 Mon 12-Aug-19 21:47:36

6 weeks. Really easy due to having breastfeeding established, very little equipment needed.

Tigger001 Tue 13-Aug-19 00:00:30

When he was 11months and going again next month when hes 2.

It was fine, obviously not relaxing as we were running around him but it was lovely

Lastbustowhitehawk Tue 13-Aug-19 09:49:23

@youngestisapsycho any tips from your NZ experience? I'm doing the same with a 10 month old in a few months and feeling apprehensive to say the least.

youngestisapsycho Wed 14-Aug-19 17:28:04

Oh... it was 17 yrs ago! I hardly remember 😱 we had the cot thingy on the wall and I remember she slept nearly all the way to Singapore. We only had 2 hours there and were back on the plane to NZ. I can’t remember much else. I do know she hardly cried and she was really good.... but she had always been a good baby and good sleeper.

Fivebyfive2 Wed 14-Aug-19 18:16:51

Hi op, just thought I'd pop on as I'm also due jan and we're planning to go away with baby to France! It will be a big family holiday (parents, siblings etc) in the July time, but will go by boat. Looking forward to baguettes and cheese!! I hope you get to go with your little one xxx

Lazypuppy Wed 14-Aug-19 18:54:37

8 months and again at 10months.

Off again when she is 18months, this is gonna be harder!!

BillyAndTheSillies Wed 14-Aug-19 18:58:56

Three weeks, only a short flight over to Ireland for DH's granny's funeral.

Proper holiday, he turned 5 months while we were away. Flying with a babe in arms can often be a dream compared to a toddler!

hopefulhalf Wed 14-Aug-19 19:00:55

8 weeks- piece of cake

Shmithecat2 Wed 14-Aug-19 19:01:06

6 weeks old. Easiest flight ever, he just fed and slept. We fly roughly every 3 months between the UK and KSA. He's nearly 4 now and a sodding nightmare.

HerSymphonyAndSong Wed 14-Aug-19 19:09:47

Some 15mo and beyond also just feed and sleep if you are lucky with the timing!

Chitarra Wed 14-Aug-19 19:13:30

9 months. He wasn't yet walking but was crawling at top speed, and there was an unfenced pool at the property (Italy) which made it less if a relaxing break than we had hoped for!

theresnotthatmuchtoit Thu 15-Aug-19 15:07:17

Dc1 3 months, dc2 I can't remember clearly blush but certainly he was a non mobile but solid alert, head self supporting, I think possibly sitting up independently type age. 5 or 6 months - the air hostesses asked to take him to meet the captain for some inexplicable reason ...

I flew on my own with just turned 2 year old dc1 and baby dc2 to visit people and we accidentally caught a business flight because it was economical and gave us more of the day at our destination as we only went for a few days, and my kids automatically woke up at 5am every day anyway so it was no trouble... Kids were both good as gold as early morning was their best time of day, and got lots of compliments including backhanded ones about having expected them to be a nightmare but being pleasantly surprised ...hmmm

Dc3 4 weeks but we drove, didn't fly again til he was nearly 2, he was a very poor sleeper and it was just so unappealing to fly with 3 small children during permanent sleep deprivation. We went abroad several times with DH driving before he first flew though.

Definitely easy if you breastfed - my babies pretty much never cried for more than a minute or so because they were breastfed on demand and it always settled them, plus no need to worry about how to prepare formula milk in transit or on holiday.

theresnotthatmuchtoit Thu 15-Aug-19 15:13:10

The most difficult age is crawling/ wobbly walking when they're not yet verbal and just starting to talk but don't take what you say seriously wink - between 7 or 8 months and about 16 or 20 months, when they don't yet respond to voice commands grin

Mine were all portable before 6 months and bribable/ distractible by 2.

Though dc1 was sort of mobile by 5 months, belly squirming and rolling about which wasn't really a problem except on one memorable trip to a pebbly beach when she constantly, untiringly, without a moment's break escaped the blanket and shade to try to eat pebbles...

GETTINGLIKEMYMOTHER Thu 15-Aug-19 18:25:29

Dd1 was 6 weeks! I was joining dh who was working abroad. She had a Junior Jet Club badge pinned to her babygro - BA don't do it any more, the miseries.
Also took dd2 on holiday abroad at 3 months, no,problem, - easier at that stage than when they're a bit older IMO, though dd1 was never a problem. If you're going any distance, as we often did, night flights are best - you take them in their pyjamas.

Witsendagain Thu 15-Aug-19 21:35:03

2.5 months, then emigrated at 7 months with just suitcases!

mamaoffourdc Thu 15-Aug-19 21:50:07

6 weeks, long haul, she was amazing

HerculesMulligan Thu 15-Aug-19 21:51:33

Our boy was born in May and we took him to Carcassonne on the train (Eurostar and TGV) on Sept 1st. It was a bit of a palaver to sort out his passport because of delays that summer at HMPO but the journey was easy and we loved the holiday.

PurpleFlower1983 Thu 15-Aug-19 22:25:16

We took our DD to Spain for 2 weeks in July, she was 4 months. She’ll be 7 months when we go abroad again in October.

Pipandmum Thu 15-Aug-19 22:27:14

A couple months to Spain.. Took a 20 month old to Australia...

SAHM2019 Fri 16-Aug-19 00:02:25

5 months. She was breastfed, it was easy to just plug her in and she slept in pram next to us when we ate out evenings. Much easier than going when they are older and in sleep routine. As once they go to bed at a certain time, you are restricted to when you need to go home to bed. That's been my experience going with our toddlers anyway.

jadeyfly Fri 16-Aug-19 06:06:59

5 weeks, we got her passport sent off as soon as she was registered. My parents live abroad so wanted to go out to then asap.

ShanghaiDiva Fri 16-Aug-19 06:12:06

12 weeks - agree with pp, much easier when they are not mobile!

ivykaty44 Fri 16-Aug-19 06:35:18

6 months and went caravaning in France 🇫🇷 touring with van & baby

Yogagirl123 Fri 16-Aug-19 06:37:50

Ours were 6 & 4 years. 😂

MirrorHope Fri 16-Aug-19 07:12:08

14 weeks South of France - flew. It was probably all ok but I remember the planning was stressful as I had to bottle feed. Still waking at night a lot so I was tired during the day.

Also we were in hospital for two weeks after she was born as she had severe respiratory issues - looking back seems mad we flew so soon.

ZenNudist Fri 16-Aug-19 07:23:32

5 months for ds1 (bologna city break) and again at 9m and 1y. Agree that babies are very portable.

I cant remember when we first took ds2 on holiday but he was probably 4mo.

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