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So, is what Kris Murrin (from Honey We're Killing the Kids) speaking the truth.........

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TheQueenOfQuotes Wed 01-Aug-07 22:04:58

when she says that doing a "structured activity" (such as sport) can help boost confidence? Or am I just deluding myself that if DS1 continues to enjoy the Rugby training, like he did this evening, that he'll gain more self confidence???

And - is my distinct lack of self confidence still going to affect him regardless of enjoying the Rugby?

TheQueenOfQuotes Thu 02-Aug-07 12:21:23


Miaou Thu 02-Aug-07 12:28:36

not necessarily (re the lack of confidence thing) - I have very little self-confidence but my dds seem to have loads (dd2 is not as confident as dd1 but a lot of that we put down to personality). I remember one particular family on that prog. where the father took the son along to an athletics session; son dropped out and the father went on and on about how he (the father) had no self-confidence and that it affected how his son felt about joining in ... totally counter-productive! I doubt my kids are aware I have confidence issues and afaI'm concerned, that's the way it should be!

I can imagine that a structured activity can help boost confidence for all sorts of reasons - enjoyment of the activity itself, an opportunity to make friends away from school and home setting, learning to work as part of a team, gaining confidence and encouragement from their increasing skill and ability ... etc etc etc.

chopchopbusybusy Thu 02-Aug-07 12:29:00

I think if it is a structured activity that he enjoys and is reasonably competetant at then it will be good for self confidence.

expatinscotland Thu 02-Aug-07 12:31:27

No, I think she's generalising and so of course that is bollocks.

What's wrong with letting people, including kids, do something they enjoy so long as it's not harming anyone/thing?

There's so much pressure on kids to do this and that.

TheQueenOfQuotes Thu 02-Aug-07 12:33:48

but expat - what if that "person" won't try new things because of a lack of confidence? And instead sticks to the same, small number, of activities which are mainly for one person only, rather than doing stuff with other people?

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