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where did you go at the weekend, and how did you rate it?

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lizandlulu Tue 31-Jul-07 17:54:48

i am trying to save money and always end up shopping at the weekends, i was just wondering what other people were up to.

PestoMonster Tue 31-Jul-07 18:11:05

Well, ours did include shopping as we went to the local dive shop on Saturday for masks, snorkles & fins for the dds. But afterwards we stopped off in the local park for a game of cricket.
On Sunday we chilled at home until the afternoon when we went to a toga party, complete with Roman Games. Great fun! It was in aid of breast cancer charity so doubly good.

Did feel idiots walking home in our gear afterwards though

PestoMonster Tue 31-Jul-07 18:11:54

Oh, rating about 8/10 overall weekend.

lizandlulu Tue 31-Jul-07 18:26:35

my dd is 21 months and not old enough to enjoy most play areas, i need more inspiration!

Califrau Tue 31-Jul-07 18:33:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Beetroot Tue 31-Jul-07 18:34:46

I am going to The River Dart Country Park on Thursday until Sunday


looks good

RubySlippers Tue 31-Jul-07 18:35:00

we went to a farm - DS is 14 months and he loved it!
there was also a play area with slides and diggers which he went on (ably assisted by DH)
he also went in the ball pool - was slightly alarmed by it - but a good day overall

Beetroot Tue 31-Jul-07 18:35:02

with 5 families so shoujld be fun

Califrau Tue 31-Jul-07 18:40:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Califrau Tue 31-Jul-07 18:41:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

littlelapin Tue 31-Jul-07 18:42:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Beetroot Tue 31-Jul-07 18:42:38

think it is a bit classiernow cali

and looking at the weather we wil be having some fun

littlelapin Tue 31-Jul-07 18:43:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MegaLegs Tue 31-Jul-07 19:20:26

|link{ basecampID=30\ we stayed here} for one night with loads of friends with kids. Big dorm for kids, dorm with bunk beds for the mums and big sofas for dads.

BBQ, played cricket, kids to bed then ate and drank at big table. Basic but a laugh and only 10 mins from our house!!

Second year we have done it, will become an annual event I think.

MegaLegs Tue 31-Jul-07 19:21:00

try again I need to learn to link the new way

Fanella Tue 31-Jul-07 19:25:43

We went on the Haverthwaite steam railway to Lakeside and then on the boat up Lake Windermere to Bowness, where we saw the red arrows air display. It was mad busy, glorious weather and DD loved it.

littlelapin Tue 31-Jul-07 21:03:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

islandofsodor Tue 31-Jul-07 21:27:57

On sSaturday we spent the day at my parents. They were babysitting my neice (3) and nephew (4 weeks) so my two enjoyed themselves.

On Sunday we went to a Thomas day at the local steam railway. It was very good, they had a fantastic time. Ds is rather train obsessed, as you might deduce from my username.

mumblechum Tue 31-Jul-07 23:11:58

We had a round of golf (par 3 course, so q. easy) on Sunday. Had lunch in the clubhouse half way round.

It was good fun.

tangarine Tue 31-Jul-07 23:20:11

Sat morning - Gym
Sat afternoon - Horniman Museum in South London (free)
Sun morning - Dulwich Park, ds 1 (10) hired a banana bike. Ds 2 rode his own.
Sun afternoon - dh's old school friend, his wife and their ds unexpectedly popped in for an hour

Weekend was lovely as we had friends staying from abroad who we hardly ever see.

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