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I've just joined Sitters

(8 Posts)
MascaraOHara Wed 25-Jul-07 21:15:39

and made a provisional booking.. tell me the sitter will be normal!

What should I expect?

HuwEdwards Wed 25-Jul-07 21:16:05

a loon

MrsScavo Wed 25-Jul-07 21:18:19

We have only had fabulous sitters from Sitters.

Although one did talk alot when we got home. I was pregnant and tired. Once I went to bed and left her chatting to DH

MascaraOHara Wed 25-Jul-07 21:21:55

lol Huw!

MrsScarvo were you nervous the first time you used them?

I'm sure once I've had the same one a few times I'll be fine but eek.. going to leave a stranger in my house with my most precious thing..

MrsScavo Wed 25-Jul-07 22:53:50

The first time we used sitters, it turned out to be someone I vaguely knew. She was a local childminder, and I was 99% sure DC's wouldn't wake up, so I wasn't too worried. She bacame our regular sitter

There was a time however, when one of DS's nursery teachers was going to baby sit for us, but became very ill at the last minute. It was a big do we were going to. DH was giving a speach, I was on the top table, new dress, manicure, profesional blow dry (you get th picture) Anyway, Sitters found someone at 4pm who could come at 6 pm. I did feel a little daunted that I had no idea who she was, but she turned out to be an absolute star. She spent ages reading to my boys, and playing games with the older one. DS2 even asked why the baby sitter only pulled the duvet up and said goodnight, instead of lying in bed with him, like we do.

Remember,all Sitters are CRB checked, and most are nannies or childminders. Enjoy your evening.

MascaraOHara Thu 26-Jul-07 08:51:51

That's very reassuring. Thanks

I'm planning for her to arrive before dd goes to bed to havea chance to meet her. DD is good at going to bed and I'm sure will milk the sitter for at least a second story.

KathG Wed 08-Aug-07 22:12:34

My two (dd 4 and 6) enjoy the adventure of a new person coming to put them to bed! Some have been excellent but all good.

PestoMonster Wed 08-Aug-07 22:16:04

Are you in the Brighton area? If so, I could tell you that two of my close friends are Sitters for Sitters (lol) and are absolute sweeties. So I could certainly put your mind at rest if you got one them.

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