Advice needed for FTM on bedding carrycot/pram/bed!

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Pastaalldaylong Wed 12-Jun-19 20:44:22

We have got a pram which has a carrycot which we aim to use out and about and also in the house for naps.
Do you use a sheet over the top of the carrycot mattress? A waterproof sheet? Blanket and sheet underneath baby for a bit more comfort?

I also will have a Snuzpod crib for nights which I have bought waterproof sheets for. Should I use the waterproof sheet, with a normal sheet? Do I layer sheets to easily whip off in the night in case of leakages etc.. and again - a blanket underneath for comfort? Or not needed?


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Wordie Fri 14-Jun-19 23:23:54

Hi OP,

I’ve just put a soft muslin at the bottom of the carrycot but you don’t have to. The carrycot lining with be washable if you did have a leak.

I’ve put a mattress protector on my cot attached to the bed and then non branded fitted sheet on top. He then sleeps in his sleepyhead on top of that anyway, so I shouldn’t of bothered stressing about it. I think it depends on your baby and if they leak/vomit, luckily mine doesn’t. X

Whitelisbon Fri 14-Jun-19 23:34:52

I've always used a mattress protector, then a sheet. If they're a sticky baby, a muslin over the sheet (tucked in tightly) at the head end can sometimes save the sheet from needing a change.
No blanket under baby, but mattress protector and sheet in the carry cot. One day you'll be grateful, when baby vomits/has a poonami all over it.
I've always put an extra sheet over waterproof ones, partly for comfort, and partly because then the waterproof one doesn't need washing so often, they're a pain to get dry. Again, no blanket under baby.

Whitelisbon Fri 14-Jun-19 23:35:38

Sicky baby, not sticky. Although they're often sticky too!

Caterina99 Sat 15-Jun-19 19:28:37

We had sheets for the carrycot. I have no idea where they came from though, but they were just fitted sheets that went over the mattress. Otherwise a muslin would do the same job.

For the cot I have a mattress protector and then a fitted sheet over the top. Make sure you buy more than one mattress protector!

Mine were both very pukey newborns so I used to put a little muslin cloth under their head so that would catch it and then I could just change it without having to change the whole sheet

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