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What can I do with dd?

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PinkPotterWeasleys Fri 20-Jul-07 22:30:29

I'm a SAHM with dd (8mo) and I want to make sure I'm doing the right things! We go to mums and tots and see other people with babies a couple of times a week usually. We go out for a walk most days, read books, play with toys.
The difficult bit is that I usually get to about 4 o'clock and she gets grumpy and clingy and I think "aargh, now what!" and the rain isn't helping because we couldn't even go out and feed the fish today!
Any suggestions? TIA

WinkyWinkola Fri 20-Jul-07 23:22:34

The afternoons can be very long. Come 4pm are you not due for a bit of a break? Baby Einstein DVDs can be great for twenty minutes or so. Or a short nap? I don't know what time she goes to bed but perhaps she's tired? Or you could hold her and do some dusting/ cleaning explaining to her what you're doing? Or pop to the shops for some air.. .. .. . trying to remember what I did with DS. Sorry. Not much help.

PinkPotterWeasleys Fri 20-Jul-07 23:29:42

Thanks Winky. She usually has a sleep in the morning and afternoon but she didn't sleep for long today so it was even more difficult than usual! I wanted to plonk her in the pram but it was pouring with rain!

Seona1973 Sat 21-Jul-07 10:34:52

Could she be starting to get hungry? What about a small snack or a drink just to keep her going till dinner time

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