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Would you put your six month old in a pushchair that has had mice in?

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TheChamberofCarrots Fri 20-Jul-07 20:28:04

I'm going to a wedding tomorrow so dug out DD's old pushchair that was only used for a month or so, it folds easily in the car and I'm getting a lift from a friend. When I unfolded it there were a few droppings, we had mice just before christmas and this had been at the back of the cupboard.

Dh wants me to clean it rather than getting a new one so I've put the cosytoes through a boil wash and scrubbed the rest of the material with boiling water and tea tree oil. I still don't feel that comfortable about it. Am I mad for putting him in it or mad for chucking it out?

EscapeFrom Fri 20-Jul-07 20:30:52

Mad for chucking it - it's been washed.

moondog Fri 20-Jul-07 20:31:49

Don't chuck it for God's sake.

Do you eat food out of cans?
Rats scamper all over them and piss and shit on the mtoo.

madmarchhare Fri 20-Jul-07 20:32:07

It will be fine

Desiderata Fri 20-Jul-07 20:32:23

Yeah, it'll be fine. It's only mouse droppings. It would take dinosaur shit before I'd consider buying a new one!

Wisteria Fri 20-Jul-07 20:34:04

it'll be fine, don't be daft!

TheChamberofCarrots Fri 20-Jul-07 20:34:13

at dinosaur shit!

Dh has said we are NOT buying a new one, I just feel weird about it in case salmonella lurks in the corners despite my scrubbing. My hands are red raw now.

Wisteria Fri 20-Jul-07 20:34:35

Dino shit wouldn't bother me at Desi!

Wisteria Fri 20-Jul-07 20:34:52


Wisteria Fri 20-Jul-07 20:36:01

last time I checked chamber - mice didn't carry bubonic plague - oh and they're everywhere anyway, you just don't normally see the evidence!

TheChamberofCarrots Fri 20-Jul-07 20:37:28

I thought they carried salmonella in their urine?

EscapeFrom Fri 20-Jul-07 20:43:37

Spray with antibac - solved.

Wisteria Fri 20-Jul-07 20:44:56

do they?? If that's the case then letting dcs play in the garden could be dangerous too surely?

TheChamberofCarrots Fri 20-Jul-07 20:49:22

yes, but it's a bit more direct in the buggy, there ARE droppings so they must have weed too?
I felt sick when we had mice and cleaned everything even tins God I sound like I have issues don't I

I don't want to use anti bacterial stuff on it as it's so strong and he's very wheezy.

Wisteria Fri 20-Jul-07 20:54:17

Well we're all different, that's for sure - but really, half the time you wouldn't be aware of where mice have or haven't been. We lived on a farm when I was younger so I have a much more relaxed attitude to things like that. I have never caught salmonella from anything except undercooked chicken in France....
You would be horrified at the things I have seen in restaurants and food factories over the years too but I'll not ruin every night out you have for the next 10 years

DarrellRivers Fri 20-Jul-07 20:55:43

put 'em in it

SSSandy2 Fri 20-Jul-07 20:57:39

couldn't you just borrow one from someone else if you're uncomfortable using this one?

TheChamberofCarrots Fri 20-Jul-07 20:58:59

No, please don't, I don't need any more fuel for germ concern!!

Well, the consensus seems to be keep it, thanks for advice. I'll have a stern word with myself regarding neuroses.


Liska Fri 20-Jul-07 21:00:17

I would just go crazy with some Milton. I believe it is like holy water, and anything it touches is rendered baby/kiddie safe instantly

TheChamberofCarrots Fri 20-Jul-07 21:00:39

SSSsandy- I could borrow one for tommorow but I'll still need to keep it or bin it for further use like camping in a couple of weeks.

mumofSlytherinsmonsters Fri 20-Jul-07 21:03:55

i would use it after washing yes. They constantly wee apparently so if there are droppings there is also wee (we had mice in the kitchen). If its been washed i would reuse, if i was a bit anxious i would put a cover over it like a blanket or something

SSSandy2 Fri 20-Jul-07 21:04:40

borrow one for tomorrow for peace of mind and then think about it next week. Couldn't you just buy a new (what are they called) - carrier thing to put it in so where the baby lies is new but keep the frame?

TheChamberofCarrots Fri 20-Jul-07 21:05:07

Hadn't thought of milton, I suppose that would be ok if people put baby's bottles in it. I think I only have weird Zovira disinfectant.

EscapeFrom Fri 20-Jul-07 21:07:36

BE CAREFUL with milton, it is a sort of bleach, and I have wrecked more than one top with the blasted stuff.

TheChamberofCarrots Fri 20-Jul-07 21:08:47

<retch> at constant weeing. Urrgh.

The material on this is sewn on, I don't think it can be replaced. The cosy toes has been boiled though, he could sit in that tomorrow. The weather looks crap anyway.

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