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Mum doing a great job

(4 Posts)
EffiePerine Fri 20-Jul-07 19:47:12

As observed on bus this evening: slightly tired and fractious 3/4 yo, obv had spent day out with mum. They were having a nice chat, a few potential kicking-off points all expertly fielded.

I was taking notes for future reference

meandmyflyingmachine Fri 20-Jul-07 19:49:14

Yay for a pleasant observation on the parenting of others

Awfully rare on here...

JemimaPip Fri 20-Jul-07 19:55:07


EffiePerine Fri 20-Jul-07 19:57:17

Hasten to add this wasn't a child-psych-infant-prodigy combo, but normal woman with kid

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