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baby wont stop crying HELP!!!!!

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princessbride Wed 18-Jul-07 09:15:30

I have been to the doctors 5 times with my baby 1 month old who just wont stop crying, i'm sure he has a tummy ache, doctor says his crying is normal, what can i do...should i go to A&E

MamaGryffindor Wed 18-Jul-07 09:16:53

Go back to the Docs, tell them you're desperate and need help NOW

How is your HV?

princessbride Wed 18-Jul-07 09:18:41

yea im going to call her again now and see what she says too, the crying just seems to be endless

LucyJones Wed 18-Jul-07 09:19:20

Could it be colic?
Have you tried infacol?
Are you breast or bottle feeding?
Why do you think it's tummy ache?
Does he sleep okay?
Babies do cry an awful lot.

TheMuppetMuggle Wed 18-Jul-07 09:19:33

Princess is your LO your first?

Also is he pulling his legs up towards his chest??

BandofMuggles Wed 18-Jul-07 09:19:57

How often does he actually stop crying?

princessbride Wed 18-Jul-07 09:21:42

he goes really stiff and red in the not first baby, first baby didnt do this...not breastfed, bottle fed have tried changing teets and bottles

LucyJones Wed 18-Jul-07 09:22:43

have you tried massaging his tummy and bringing his knees up to his chest?
Does this relieve the pain at all?

TheMuppetMuggle Wed 18-Jul-07 09:23:11

Does he pull his legs up towards his chest?
If so try putting some gripe water into his bottle, worked a charm for my DD when she was 4 weeks old.

BandofMuggles Wed 18-Jul-07 09:23:56

Make sure his nappy isn;'t too tight.
Try putting him over your knees so his tummy is on your knee and rub his back quite firmly.

Sorry if you've tried these things already.

castlesintheair Wed 18-Jul-07 09:25:27

Could be colic (try infacol/gripe water) or even silent reflux. Go back to your doctor and don't let them fob you off with "babies cry a lot" especially if this is your first. Yes, they can cry a lot but trust your instinct, it's always better to have them looked at. Not that colic/reflux is anything serious to worry about - but there is stuff they can do to help.
Have you got a sling? In the meantime, put your LO in it and carry him around as this will calm him down.

castlesintheair Wed 18-Jul-07 09:28:18

x-posts, sound's like colic or reflux to me. 2 of mine had/have this. Does he not like lying flat? Is it a struggle to feed him? Does the crying really rev up in the evening? If yes, I would go and see your GP again. Good luck.

ratclare Wed 18-Jul-07 12:19:58

has he had a poo? my lo used to be like this and i would take her nappy off and lie her on the changing mat and wriggle her legs about and rub her tummy and then when she had had a poo she would be all sweetness and light again

AussieMumInLondon Wed 18-Jul-07 14:47:15

maybe he needs more tit. or there is a lack of milk in your mammories. happened to a friend. she was going farking mental. so the doc told her she had to start bottle-feeding because she lacked milk so bubba was always hungry and therefore screaming.

once the bottle feeding started........ bliss!

mistlethrush Wed 18-Jul-07 14:56:07

If its colic, the only thing that really helped with my ds was going to a cranial osteopath. Colief helped and if you're ff its quite easy to deal with - can be got on prescription.

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