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Parents ununited

(3 Posts)
WinkyWinkola Sat 14-Jul-07 19:48:51

My DS is 27 months old. He throws the most awful wobblies over nothing. He's brilliant at it and does it often. It is very stressful but I've found the best approach is to ignore him when he's like this. He seems to move on from them quite quickly.

DH however, has a very different approach which is to sit with him, talk to him etc. I think this is making the problem worse and DS seems to be having even more tantrums.

We've just come back from the worst holiday ever and I'm irritated because I felt that DS controlled us on that holiday. I was quite happy to let him tantrum away and not spoil our time. But DH felt it was important to keep the peace and let DS have his way over the slightest thing.

We're miserable. DH has just gone out, furious, without his 'phone leavng me to deal with two screaming children who won't go to bed. So, he undermines my parenting (I'm the SAHP) and then chips off to leave me with the consequences?

He just doesn't seem to see my POV at all. What can I do?

suezee Sat 14-Jul-07 19:52:04

im hqaving the same prob with my 4 yr old dd at the mo,she knows that she can play us off against each other and dp is sucked in by her completely.......the health visitor is coming to see me next week so that i can claim the authority back,dp is going to attend as well because it need to be done as a united front

octo Sat 14-Jul-07 19:52:50

Mine does the same and tells me not to shout at them - and then eventually he shouts too!

I have bought a reward chart today with lovely gold stars and targets for the week.

We also have national no shouting days where no-one is allowed to shout!

Your dh needs to look after them for a whole day on his own while you go out.

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