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How many Mum's are in photos

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POPPY1490 Tue 16-Apr-19 10:54:28

I recently sat down and looked over all the photos of my daughters first year. I only have a handful where I'm in them. I found myself counting the photos and found that I'm only in about 50 photos of her first year.
I so wish I had more. I feel sad I don't have many more of the two of us. Am I the only one feeling this way or are other mums absent in photos to x

Domesticdunce Fri 19-Apr-19 19:50:42

I used to be into photography and i took thousands of photos of my ex with the dc. There is one photo of me as a baby and no photos of me with my children.

purpleweasel Mon 29-Apr-19 13:21:24

There are two reasons to take photos/videos: for you & your kids to look back on them in their young days, but also for your kids to have records of you too. So make sure if you can that you and your partner are in some of the films so your kids have footage of you to look at in later years

justasking111 Mon 29-Apr-19 13:24:12

I am in so few with three children OH is in lots. You have to say just take a photo of me with the kids. At DS wedding I asked the photographer to take a photo of me with 3 sons. He did it was fab DIL framed and gave it to me. OH still sulking about it grin

freshasthebrightbluesky Mon 29-Apr-19 13:57:02

There is one of me with my 1st as a baby, taken whilst in hospital and there is another one, somewhere, that my sil took with feeding my dc1.
There are no photos at all of me with dc2 as a newborn.
There are no photos at all of me on our 1st family holiday.
The only photos we had of us as a family and not just dh+dc, until recently when I made us all have a family selfie in the living room, are from our wedding.
The only reason why dh takes occasional photos of me with dc now is because I moaned so much about the lack of anything with me in and explained how much it upset me that if I were to die, the dc would have no photos of me either on my own or with them.
My dc have had their own cameras since they were 3 and they've taken more pictures of me than he ever has so I've had a few printed out and either put in the family albums or they have them in their rooms. I think he just takes it for granted that I'm there. There are loads of him with the dc.

freshasthebrightbluesky Mon 29-Apr-19 14:01:11

On the other hand: once you have dc number 2, you won't even take 50 photos!

Not strictly true; since dc2 was a child I started getting interested in photography so took more pictures with them rather than fewer. I'm just very rarely in any of the shots!

Topseyt Tue 30-Apr-19 08:52:31

Fifty is quite a lot. I don't think I am on even a dozen pics of our three as babies, but I am happy that way because they are far more photogenic than me.

You need a selfie stick for your phone if you want regular photos of you and the kids without having to rely on other people all the time.

purpleweasel Tue 30-Apr-19 16:47:41

Or, as with freshasthebrightbluesky, give the kids cameras, or let them have a go with yours if it's not too expensive/breakable. You will get lots of odd pictures but you might get a few really good ones too

Orangecake123 Tue 07-May-19 14:26:31

I'm currently 27. I honestly only have 3 photos with my father and 3 with my mother altogether. I wish I had more from when I was younger.

I think this is actully a very common thing. Make an effort to take more now OP.

Gone2far Thu 09-May-19 17:52:21

I call myself the Invisible Woman. It's not unkindness on my oh's side, just thoughtlessness. We did have a chat about it though so he does take more.

Gwlondon Sat 11-May-19 22:03:48

I have been so upset by this. Especially as I have so many photos of other people holding my kids when they were babies. Wtf. Can’t believe no one wanted to take a photo of me with them.
Also my husband used to take so many blury photos and insist they weren’t blury.

BalloonSlayer Wed 15-May-19 17:31:16

DH is lousy at taking photos bless him. I asked him to take a nice one of me with baby DS2 so that I had a good postnatal picture, I'd got dressed in something nice especially. When I saw it (non digital camera) my t-shirt was all rucked up so my belly was hanging out, hmm - DH clearly hadn't noticed it. Thanks DH!

Last weekend we went out with - now much older! - DS2. I took a nice picture of DH and DS2 at a scenic point with my phone - point, no adjustments, click, lovely!

DH asked if I wanted one. Oh yes please! We stand there. He faffs with the screen, going in closer . . . further away . . . closer . . . further away. Takes it. Gives me my phone back. We walk off. Later I have a look. DS and I are specks in the distance and out of focus. The photo of DS and DH, however, is fab. WTF?

I never have any decent photos!

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