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What are your memories of school holidays?

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speedymama Wed 11-Jul-07 08:40:40

I've just read this on the BBC website and found it highly amusing. My DTS are only 3yo so it does not apply to me but it made me think about what we did over the summer holidays.

My DBs and I would play tip and run cricket with our neighbours on the large waste ground behind our house. I would also borrow books from the library and read voraciously. My DBs and I would also watch re-runs of Laurel and Hardy, Captain Scarlett, Thunderbirds etc on TV. As we were very poor we never went on holidays but our parents would treat us to days out to the park (about two or three times so we really looked forward to it) and we went on two coach trips to the seaside during our whole childhood.

Sometimes the schools would run play schemes so we use to go to those when we were older(primary years only).

Most of the time, we just got on with occupying ourselves and because it was all we knew, we did not feel deprived.

Now that we are older, we remember those days with fondness because they taught us how to be self-sufficient and to use our imaginations. Of course there were boring periods but that is part of life - even now I get bored at work and at home .

lilolilmanchester Wed 11-Jul-07 22:32:19

From a very young age (I mean probably 6 upwards) we'd disappear off after breakfast to the park/woods/friends houses/bikes/roller skates, come home for lunch, back out again til tea time. Not a drop of sun cream in sight. Can you imagine allowing that now?! We'd build dens, play cops & robbers/cowboys & indians; have a club.
Holiday TV programmes: Belle & Sebastian; White Horses; Robinson Crusoe; Flash Gordon. All in black and white I seem to remember.
Holidays, if we had one, would be a few days in a boarding house and you had to put money in a meter to get hot water for a bath!!!

Pollyanna Wed 11-Jul-07 22:37:22

spending the whole day on my bike
playing tennis at the park
going to playschemes at the library
watching Why Don't You
going on a caravan holiday to Wales (every summer)
going to the fair on the local playing fields
lots of sunshine
eating limp lettuce and tomatoes and pickled beetroot (it was the 70s)
going to the Park alot
being bored
reading alot of books
Blackberrry picking on a disused railway embankment near our house
being sweaty in my nightie in bed
being unable to sleep because it was too light (and hot).

somersetmum Wed 11-Jul-07 23:00:46

having to sleep in bunk beds in a room that was so small that the bed frame was screwed to the wall - because my mum had turned the house into a b&b and there were guests staying in my real room.
playing out in the streets with my friends for most of the day, going blackberry picking, making rose petal perfume, playing pom pom.
going to the library with my sister.
going to stay with grandparents and going to the beach - they would hire a beach hut.
going to the beach for the day with my sister (from the age of about 11), listening to tapes and buying chips for lunch.
having to go to the dentist.
my cousins coming to stay and being envious of their clothes, because they lived in Reading and were trendy and we lived in Devon.
having "secret" midnight feasts with cousins when clearly our parents knew exactly what we were up to.
going swimming at the local lido.
playing juggling ballgames against a wall, also ball in a stocking games.

Doodledootoo Wed 11-Jul-07 23:01:20

Message withdrawn

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