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which generally " accepted" parenting protocols do you not go along wiht

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codJane Mon 09-Jul-07 10:08:31


cleanign babies teeth - never really bothered

NannyL Mon 09-Jul-07 10:09:51


dont intend to sterilise for my children!

will not even be purchasing a steriliser!

codJane Mon 09-Jul-07 10:09:58


bath every night after hte age of one oh no

codJane Mon 09-Jul-07 10:10:21

oh yes to strilising ( but was a wimp and did it ofr a few months)

BBBee Mon 09-Jul-07 10:10:53

those iritating plug guard things and ditto the teeth cleaning

DANCESwithnewlytannedlegs Mon 09-Jul-07 10:11:01

Using teething powder - damn stuff went everywhere.

iota Mon 09-Jul-07 10:11:10

eeeeeewwww cod - bath every night until out of nappies here

Smaug Mon 09-Jul-07 10:11:37

Ditto bathing every night, every other at best in this house (except ds1, but he's an 8-year-old slightly smelly pre-teen!).

newlifenewname Mon 09-Jul-07 10:11:46

Changing clothes when dirty. I only dress mine once a day and if it can be re-worn, i's re-worn.

DANCESwithnewlytannedlegs Mon 09-Jul-07 10:11:55

sterlisied with pfb then had another one and realised life too short and grubby. No sterlising of food containers/spoons etc for him.

newlifenewname Mon 09-Jul-07 10:12:14

stair gates

codJane Mon 09-Jul-07 10:12:15

am a slattern
i knwo how to wipe kids arses.

codJane Mon 09-Jul-07 10:13:29

sippy cups things
oh no
let ti spill
let em learn

Bartholomewgook Mon 09-Jul-07 10:14:01

Yep, ditto baths.

NEVER sterilised spoons or bowls.

Didn't have cupboard locks, move under sink cleaning products (just keep babies out of there!).

edam Mon 09-Jul-07 10:14:12

Judging by the kids who come round on playdates, giving them 'nursery' food ie white bread and I dunno, not what ds eats. Had a child horrified at houmous, cherry tomatoes, cucumber and breadsticks last week. Tried to offer a sandwich only she wouldn't have our seeded batch loaf. And niece refused prawns yesterday having never had them.

doggiesayswoof Mon 09-Jul-07 10:14:12


ie decorating room specially for baby. Dd nearly 3 and still doesn't have a room. Sleeps with us, we use the 2nd bedroom for other things.

We'll do her room soon though, because she's old enough to play in it on her own now.

codJane Mon 09-Jul-07 10:14:48

aghre re the very word doggies

all that farkign snuffling sendign error messages to my norks

edam Mon 09-Jul-07 10:14:52

Agree with you re nursery although I have been planning to decorate ds's room for three years now. He's nearly four!

codJane Mon 09-Jul-07 10:15:14

oh god food
edam dont flaunt yer hooumous here

Bartholomewgook Mon 09-Jul-07 10:15:23

Hmm, well maybe the child's parents don't eat prawns! We never have them - I hate them. Therefore, don't buy them!

TigerFeet Mon 09-Jul-07 10:15:37

agree with baths and changes of clothes

if dd/her clothes are dirty, they will be washed. If not, they'll all do for another day

Also, will allow dd out of the house in dodgy outfits/dressing up clothes she has chosen herself.

doggiesayswoof Mon 09-Jul-07 10:15:38

lol at error messages cod.

She has her own bed, but just in our room

codJane Mon 09-Jul-07 10:15:42

edam none of mine woudl eat prawns or hommous or tomaotes
you haev a freaky child

edam Mon 09-Jul-07 10:16:13

I do bother about stairgates, though, falling downstairs one of the top causes of serious injury in toddlers. And we have three storeys so very important.

edam Mon 09-Jul-07 10:16:44

He likes curry, too.

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