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6 month crawling question

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Laur2017 Sun 17-Feb-19 18:12:02

Hi all, my DS is 6 and a half months old, and is on the edge of starting to crawl.

He repeatedly goes from sitting up right to going forward onto his front as if he is about to crawl. However this just turns into fussing and he lies there kicking his legs and then gets worked up and frustrated.

Is this a normal part of the process and does anyone have any advice on how to get in to the next step - ie crawling! Thanks!

LittleBearPad Sun 17-Feb-19 18:13:40

It’s completely normal.

Not much you can do to get him actually crawling as his legs need to be strong enough but putting things/toys in front of him just out of reach might help.

user1496701154 Sun 17-Feb-19 18:22:47

It can take a while for them to crawl it's all normal my little one didn't till 7 and a half months and then he crawled backwards for a month 😙😂

Laur2017 Sun 17-Feb-19 18:33:54

@user1496701154 that's made my day 😆😂😂😂

user1496701154 Sun 17-Feb-19 18:55:30


Cosmoa Mon 18-Feb-19 09:25:25

My 9 month old still can't crawl. She can pull herself up to standing but can't crawl! She won't even entertain the idea 😂🙈

E20mom Mon 18-Feb-19 09:40:45

Definitely normal. Then it just suddenly clicks and they work out what to do with their legs.

Aprilshowersarecomingsoon Mon 18-Feb-19 09:45:22

Then you will really know you have a dc once he is crawling....
<shudders remembering! >

Laur2017 Mon 18-Feb-19 09:49:08

@E20mom does it just click one day and he can suddenly crawl? Can this happen at any time?

lovely36 Mon 18-Feb-19 12:12:49

My son did this! I physically helped him put his arms under his torso in the crawling position to show him how to place his body for crawling as well has his legs. It made a massive difference. He began properly crawling after a week of doing this. I saw it in a occupational therapy video on YouTube. At first he just would stay that way for a few seconds then he began staying like that longer and around the third day he began attempting to crawl. He was falling on his face so I only did it on a soft surface. Within a week he got the hang of how to place his body and he began doing it on his own. I'll try to find the video

Laur2017 Mon 18-Feb-19 13:00:05

@lovely36 thank you for your reply - at what age did you do this with your DC?

babysharkah Mon 18-Feb-19 13:06:37

Some never crawl at all. Mine could cover vast distances, super speedily in a commando crawl. Went straight to walking after that.

TheFormerMrsPugwash Mon 18-Feb-19 13:08:48

Definitely normal. They do it when they are ready. I was desperate for DC1 to crawl and did everything I could to encourage it (don't think it made any difference, in fact). I was equally desperate for subsequent ones to stay immobile for as long as possible. grin

spinabifidamom Mon 18-Feb-19 13:40:17

Completely normal.
My son has significant lower limb paralysis from birth and DD has dwarfism so I was prepared for the unexpected. Neither of them walked at 1 year old. You have nothing to worry about.

TickleMeEmo Mon 18-Feb-19 13:46:17

Definetly normal, my DS was another backwards crawler! Think he was about 8 months when he started doing that and then 9 months when he began doing it forwards.. then a week later he was suddenly pulling himself up and cruising the furniture!

Lemontwist Mon 18-Feb-19 13:50:39

My nearly 7 month old has been like this for 2-3 weeks now. So close to crawling but can't quite figure it out! She's getting frustrated so quickly. Im not quite ready for it though! Eyes in the back of your head time grin

Charlottejade89 Mon 18-Feb-19 14:10:10

My 6 month old is the same, she can go backwards, round in circles but not forwards yet. But j think shes almost there, just plenty of floor time and put lots of toys out so they can try and reach for them

amysaurus87 Mon 18-Feb-19 19:32:25

Totally normal, my LB was doing this for ages, getting onto all fours and just rocking, as soon as we moved house and he has more space he was crawling, and then a few days later he started to pull himself up on the sofa!

He's 10months old.

labazsisgoingmad Mon 18-Feb-19 19:45:54

some miss out the crawling and go straight to crawling. also you get the bum shufflers too

Gumbo Mon 18-Feb-19 19:51:41

Yes, DS did this at 5 months... it was hilarious to watch as like pp, once he figured out what do with his limbs he spent a fortight in reverse before he worked out how to go forwards.

Yours will work it out very shortly by the sounds of it smile

E20mom Mon 18-Feb-19 20:04:24

@Laur2017 yep smile

lovely36 Mon 18-Feb-19 22:15:41

He was about 6 and a half months... almost 7. He was crawling everywhere by 7 months.
I found the video! I basically helped baby properly lift his bum up the way she does in the video. He started to understand that's how he needed to place his body and in about a week he was doing it on his own

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