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Night terrors and disturbed sleep in DD1 after birth of DD2. Help!!

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pevie Wed 04-Jul-07 21:49:31

My DD1 has started to become really disturbed in her sleep at night since my DD2 was born 9 weeks ago, peaking at getting up nearly every 1 to 2 hours last night. This is obviously really contributing to our sleep deprivation and stressing us out. She also seems to have developed night terrors over last few nights early evening where she totally freaks out, is very sweaty and cant be comforted. I have read about them and it sounds like a night terror, trouble is they make her sleep even worse after it. Anyone else had experience of these, esp.after birth of baby and what should we do? Am also really worried when she gets up later that we are contributing to bad habit as we end up getting her drinks, etc. I feel that we have been very stressed as a family as DD 2 is pretty unsettled so this obviously doesnt help. But we do try hard to give her lots of positive time and attention when we can.

barefeete Thu 05-Jul-07 19:22:17

I had the same problem after the birth of my DD2 3 months ago. DS1 started to wake up screaming in the middle of the night and wouldn't be settled at all unless he came into bed with us. It started when DD2 was about 3 weeks old and lasted for 6 weeks of sleep deprived nights! In the end DH was in 1 room with DS and i was in the other with DD. Suddenly he started to sleep through and all is now fab. It is a hard time for everyone but stick with it. Hope that helps

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