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Advice needed please..DD, food issues

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purplepoppet Wed 04-Jul-07 13:59:14


My DD1 is 10 now and has started to fill out a little, as you would expect at her age. She is by no means overweight or anything, but she's started jumping on and off the scales and saying that her friends are much smaller than her. She has always been a bit weenie, so that makes it a tad more noticeable iykwim. She wears the normal size clothes for her age and as I say, you certainly wouldn't look at her and say she was overweight.

Now, my problem is that I have always had issues with food since I was around her age...I myself was a tiny child and then really filled out when I hit about 12 and have struggled with my weight ever since.

I have always been very aware of not having any issues about food around my children as I obviously wouldn't want my problems rubbing off on them. So therefore, I never do the whole, 'oh Mummy's on a diet' or 'Mummy thinks shes fat' kind of thing.

I don't want her to pile on weight and then be as miserable about it as I was, I remember it vividly and it made me extremely unhappy.

Any advice on how to deal with this without giving her any 'issues'..


karenj2000 Wed 04-Jul-07 14:55:03

Really tough one and not sure if I have an answer for you but know that my 10 yr old DS has recently been hiding and not eating his lunch due to some nasty kids at school calling him fat. He is also taking out the scales and jumping on them but he has always been on top line of baby book for height and weight so is in proportion. I just keep reinforcing how much I love him and how gorgeous he looks now that he is growing up. Also let him choose what he eats now so he can have pasta and salad for lunch rather than chips like all the other kids. Do you think it could be other kids making DD1 think she has issue?

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