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spogs Mon 02-Jul-07 09:16:21

what age can you start taking your baby swimming, do you have to wait till all initial injections have been done?

Seona1973 Mon 02-Jul-07 09:39:34

you can take them from any age but how long you take them in for depends how hot your pool is (some pools may also have minimum age requirements). I took ds from around 12 weeks but we go to a sports centre that has a seperate warmer training pool - 33 degrees compared to 30 degrees in the proper pool.

nailpolish Mon 02-Jul-07 09:40:21

no, you dont have to wait

SoupDragon Mon 02-Jul-07 09:42:40

whenever you like. Look out for any signs that they're getting cold though nd take a towel to the poolside to bundle them up when you get out.

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