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Lazy Kids

(3 Posts)
Snakepit Sat 30-Jun-07 21:12:32

This is kind of on the topic of my last thread but on a different angle.

I'm wondering if 8 year olds are generally lazy? My son will not do a thing that involves any effort. He nattered for a guitar so we bought him one and he now refuses to play it as "doesnt know how", I have offered to teach him and he just replies with "nah its ok, I think I know how to do it now" and puts the tv on , he started a cricket club at school, went once and refused to go again as he saw someone spit on the ground and it disgusted him (thats his excuse, more likely he couldnt be bothered). He's currently going to karate once a week and the excuses that come up every monday night..."I'm tired", "its going to rain", "you'll miss big brother", "I don't think its on tonight" etc etc yet when he gets there he seemingly likes it.

Im forcing him to come swimming tomorow with me and my youngest, all I've had since I told him is "whats the point?" "Do I HAVE to come?" "I'll be ok here, you just take DS2". I explained that I want to teach him how to swim and he replied in a whingy voice "but I know how to swim!" (he knows how to swim that well that if the water goes above his knee's he panics that he's going to drown!)

Is it his age? I would hate for him to be a lazy, boring person as an adult...

controlfreaky2 Sat 30-Jun-07 21:16:03

maybe you need to be v upbeat / enthusiastic / no nonsense with him? at 8 i wouldn't be letting him dictate what he is / isnt doing....... my eldest (9) can be a bit like this but always enjoys something once he gets involved....

yesmynameisigglepiggle Sat 30-Jun-07 21:24:12

Yep I agree. Perfectly normal behaviour. When he asks if he has to come say YES! He thinks he doesn't want to but he does...

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