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feel like a bad mother

(8 Posts)
fedupchick Fri 29-Jun-07 13:19:18

My ds is almost 7 months old and is not the easiest of babies. Everytime I think things are getting better they take a turn for the worst again. I feel like I have no patience at all with ds and feel like a bad mum even though i love him to bits. I still feel like I don't know whats wrong with him or why he's crying and how to comfort him, after all this time... Is it normal to still feel like this?

TheWiltedRose Fri 29-Jun-07 13:20:15

hol in there hun i felt like that with both of mine and still do on occasions its just bad days thats all it gets better

yoda Fri 29-Jun-07 13:40:15

I bet you are a wonderful mum, some days can just be harder than others.

Are you getting enough sleep or a bit of a break ? I found that getting out and away for a couple of hours really helped. Lack of sleep for me, resulted in me being really down and crying almost as much as my son

It will get better (hug) - but make sure you take care of yourself as well, that's important too

NAB3 Fri 29-Jun-07 13:41:27

You know what? Sometimes baies cry and there is nothing you can do for them. You are the only Mum he is ever going to have and the best one he will have. Hang in there. Nothing lasts for ever and it will get better and easier.

PregnantGrrrl Fri 29-Jun-07 15:11:09

yes! totally normal!

unless you're crying and shouting at him every single day, you are 100% normal.

i get impatient with DS too, who is 1yr old. i have days where i think i must just be rubbish, but do you know what? you're human, and you get tired and frustrated too.

i'd say try thinking to yourself 'this is a phase, it will pass' over and over when he's a swine. If things are too far gone for that, pop him (fed and changed) somewhere safe (cot, playpen etc) and leave the room for a minute of two for a few deep breathes (or a scream into a pillow!!)

Mothers aren't magicians you know- you don't know what he wants half the time because he can't blooming tell you!!

fedupchick Fri 29-Jun-07 19:18:27

thanks everyone, i guess we have just been having a bad few days. ds is waking often in the night - either a sore tummy or teething i think (but who knows!!!) - so i am really tired

manuka Fri 29-Jun-07 19:33:47

Its awful sometimes isn't it?!! I find that reminding myself that one day she'll be able to SAY whats wrong helps me to get through! Every day is a day closer to an easier time!
Also I found having a regular-ish routine gives me a better idea of what could be wrong.

maz1986 Sat 30-Jun-07 21:49:12

i have two children, and i feel such a bad mum to them, i have a two year old and a 3 year old. all they do is fight and im forever shouting to break them up. is it normal for them to fight this much at this age.
they refuse to share everything, and my two year old crys so much, she has this high pitched scream and crys wolf at whatever her brother does, he constantly blames her for everyhting. Its a viscious circle. i don't like screaming at them but i just end up loosing my patience.

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