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Eight Month Old Baby Refusing to Eat

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Dogdogcat Sat 12-Jan-19 02:24:35

My eight month old DS is refusing to eat. The last week or so he has been refusing bottles or drinking less than half and then pushing it out and he has started refusing food. He has never been a big eater (it's always been a bit of a struggle) and he has always been small, third percentile when born and fifth at his six month check, but it seems to be getting worse. He had most of his breakfast this morning. He ate very little of his lunch, he took a couple of spoonfuls and then batted the spoon away. It was the same story at dinner. He's had three bottles today, around 150ml each, and refused the last bottle I tried to give him. His mood is okay and he has lots of energy, but it has me worried. His first tooth popped through last week so it could be related to teething. Any suggestions or insight on what I can do would be helpful.

PatricksRum Sat 12-Jan-19 02:55:06

Is it bm or f?
I wouldn't worry about the food too much, the nutrition can come from the milk, just need to get it inside!

littlemisscomper Sat 12-Jan-19 03:34:36

If it's teething related you can freeze breast milk or formula into special moulds to make lollies.

GlossyTaco Sat 12-Jan-19 03:39:23

If it is due to teething and you're really worried about dehydration try shooting some formula/breast milk into his cheeks to keep him going. It's most likely the sucking sensation that's bothersome.

Wrt food , just offer his favourite foods , preferably fridge cold. My son will generally always eat yoghurt or cold banana even when he's poorly for example.

GlossyTaco Sat 12-Jan-19 03:40:51

Sorry - use a a medicine syringe for the milk.

Dogdogcat Sat 12-Jan-19 04:29:13

Thanks for the replies, he is bottle fed breastmilk. Breastfeeding didn't work for us, so I've been expressing. I'm considering waking him up at night to get another bottle in him. His diapers are wet, but his stools are fairly dry and hard. I will try the syringe and frozen milk if it continues. I did manage to get a bottle in him before bed, but he still refused to eat. He is a very happy baby, but feedings have always been difficult.

moreismore Sat 12-Jan-19 04:41:36

It does sound like teething. My son was quite similar and still has a good appetite and none others (he’s nearly 3). I think he was 18 months old before he would have 3 meals a day. Have you tried a cup? Might be novel enough to get a bit more fluid down him!

moreismore Sat 12-Jan-19 04:41:54

*good appetite some days

Dogdogcat Sat 12-Jan-19 05:40:17

I will try a cup, he likes to drink water out of one, so maybe he will drink milk out of it.

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