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going out with your child on your own?

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nappyaddict Thu 28-Jun-07 20:19:19

would you feel uncomfortable or stupid going to the park, swimming, to soft play, to fun days etc if it was just you and your 11 month old on your own?

TippiHedren Thu 28-Jun-07 20:19:55

No i do it and ds loves it as do i.

nappyaddict Thu 28-Jun-07 20:20:40

how old is your ds?

Littlefish Thu 28-Jun-07 20:20:48

Dd and I go swimming every week on our own. We also go to the library and the park. I don't feel stupid at all. Are you feeling a bit isolated Nappyaddict?

southeastastra Thu 28-Jun-07 20:21:06

not really, though i remember being really nervous about doing anything when my ds(13)was a baby. i had to force myself.

are you worried about it?

PeachesMcLean Thu 28-Jun-07 20:21:21

Why would you?

lulumama Thu 28-Jun-07 20:22:09

nope, have had to do it all the time, with both DCs as DH is rarely home...

and being on your own, it is easier to strike up conversation with other mums!

MrsFish Thu 28-Jun-07 20:22:11

Not at all, have no one else to go with so, so if I want fresh air, its me or nothing

gemmiegoatlegs Thu 28-Jun-07 20:22:24

no. well, maybe i would have at first, being a fairly young mum when ds was born (you are too right?) as i had this paranoid notion that all the baby/toddler activities would be full of 30-ish doctors wives , ie. a totally different world.

i must admit, i still don't find it easy to walk into a room full of strangers but i find the dcs are always a great ice breaker. many mums attend these things on their own and if nothing else, we all have our babies in common.

doggiesayswoof Thu 28-Jun-07 20:22:31

No, have always done this
Dd is 2
Also cafe for lunch etc, cinema

NoodleStroodle Thu 28-Jun-07 20:23:09

No - because there are loads of people out there on their own with DC doing the same

nappyaddict Thu 28-Jun-07 20:24:07

nope not me. there is a beachc dacy tomorrow at a park near us. my friend doesn't want to go on her own because she feels stupid and her friend cant go anymore. i am going but at a different time so can't go with her. i want to show her that nobody cares!!

if your free tomorrow littlefish its at himley hall 10-3

hatrick Thu 28-Jun-07 20:24:41

Message withdrawn

Legacy Thu 28-Jun-07 20:24:55

Never felt stupid doing it, but I did used to find it a bit lonely, and found myself blethering on to DS1 about everything, and then felt that everyone was watching me LoL

UniSarah Thu 28-Jun-07 20:25:47

Lordy me no, If I didn't go out with him we'd spend all day in doors and both be less happy people. I've been going to the park with boy since he ws tiny, 1st he would just sit on my knee and we would watch, then did swings, then slides, now hes 15m hes off exploring the whole lot.
Soft play I don't bother with as Boy doesn;t like it, swimming we go sometimes, just teh 2 of us. Tourist atrractions, we go if I want to visit it and he gets in free.

Hulababy Thu 28-Jun-07 20:25:47

No. I was at home 2 days a week with DD when she was little and we often went out and did thinks together. I did tend to go to more organised activities or proper days out, rather than just the park simply as you then have either something to occupy you or someone to talk with.

Aimsmum Thu 28-Jun-07 20:25:57

Message withdrawn

Dinosaur Thu 28-Jun-07 20:26:10

No, I did it all the time when I only had DS1, and I still take all three of them out all the time on my own. Have never felt remotely uncomfortable about it or been made to feel odd by anyone else. Did get asked once why DH didn't come to church with us, but that's about it.

Speccy Thu 28-Jun-07 20:26:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

lulumama Thu 28-Jun-07 20:26:25

she should go ! it will make it easier for her to go out on her own in future !

LyraB Thu 28-Jun-07 20:27:50

Why would you feel uncomfortable? Most people are on their own with their DC during the day. When DS1 had just turned one we moved to a new area where we didn't know anyone and we went to all kinds of places on our own.

Littlefish Thu 28-Jun-07 20:28:14

I'm going to be there anyway Nappy!!! There's a group of us going, so come and join us. e-mail me your mobile number so I can call you when we get there. I think we'll arrive between 10.30 - 11.00.

I think the general plan is for us to meet at the sandpit at 11.00 and then make plans. We're all bringing packed lunches.

Beauregard Thu 28-Jun-07 20:28:21

For Nappy and Littlefish if your'e interested!

nappyaddict Thu 28-Jun-07 20:28:26

i am baffled too!!

she goes to the park and soft play and swimming on her own but she just doesn't want to go to this beach day thing. she says the other things everyone does on their own but tomorrow it will be all families and friends.

nickytwotimes Thu 28-Jun-07 20:31:49

i go all sorts of places with ds - 11 mo. people are usually very nice and helpful, especially midweek when it's all mummies and pensioners around. still haven't negotiated public transport yet...

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