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What activities or games do you do/play with your 18-24m old?

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tigerbalm Mon 25-Jun-07 21:53:29

I have a 20 month old dd who, probably like many her age, demands my constant attention, gets bored without stimulation, doesnt like to play alone for more than a few mins and has loads of energy.

We go lots of places outdoors like park, shops, swimming. Indoors we do crayonning, dough, sticking, sometimes play hide and seek or make a cushion mountain.

What else can I do with her indoors? I myself also get bored easily and would rather be doing some kind of activity for a period of time rather than doing nothing except be harrassed for attention all day while I wish I could get on with something else!

What do you all do?

AlwaysWatchingCastawayAt2am Tue 26-Jun-07 02:27:49

let her 'wash up'? water play with bubbles and cups can last for hours, i found. well, tens of minutes, anyway.

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