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Do any other Mumsnetters get My Child magazine?

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RainbowWalker Thu 21-Jun-07 18:35:11

This is a monthly subscription magazine... although I've now seen them being sold in Tesco as well.

I've been getting it for quite a few months now and there's been some quite interesting articles I just wondered if anyone else reads it and what they think of it?

lorca Fri 22-Jun-07 12:50:43

I got a phone call the other day sayig did I want to try the My Child mag for free, all I would pay was the cost of the P&P, £7, and if I wanted to subscribe I would pay £77 for 2 years sub. They sent me a big box of stuff, mags and CD's for KS1,2,&3, and i could peruse at my leisure, just if I didn't want it to send it back within a week! Then they would assume I wanted the sub to continue and debit my card for £84 - £7 of which I had already paid. In other words I had already subscribed, and if they didn't get it back within the week, I would be assumed to want to pay. I recieved it on friday, and didn't even have time to open it all, I had to send it back on wednesday to make sure they got it back by the following friday. Waste of £7, I didn't even unwrap the CDs.

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