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5 week old bit colicky, any suggestions

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sheepgomeep Wed 20-Jun-07 21:38:49

We have run out of infacol and have no money till friday to get anymore.
dd2 is five weeks old and we have had a really rough day wih her

We went out last night and friends looked after her. she is a bitout of her routine, she was doing quite well but its all gone to pot today.

she has hardly slept at all today and is fussing at her bottles. I've tried cool boiled water, a warm bath, massage, winding her loads but nothing

anyone got any other suggestions. I'm that tired. Dp and I are not getting on either.

bramblina Wed 20-Jun-07 21:41:32

I am fortunate not to have suffered with this but I'm sure I heard of adding some sugar to the boiled water? Stand to be corrected and would do this with caution but didn't want your post to go unnoticed. I'm sure it's very difficult for you.

sheepgomeep Wed 20-Jun-07 22:09:18

thanks bramblina

I will try that do you know how much sugar to put in I would think it would be a tiny amount but not sure

bramblina Wed 20-Jun-07 23:32:15

Sorry I have no idea, I would say a very small amount. Although I should have asked have you tried Gripe water? My friend's dd was awful for colic till 5m and they swore by that, and a damn sight cheaper than colief, probably only £1 or so, if you have Boots advantage card points you could use them to get it? My ds was not colicky but a very windy baby and we used Gripe water occasionally and every time it worked a treat. How are you offering her the water? From a teaspoon can make her sip a different way and may jus bring the burp up.

pucca Wed 20-Jun-07 23:34:53

What bottles are you using?

Dr Browns are good (changed the name now cant remember what to though)

For my ds i used the MAM anti colic bottles, cheaper and just as good as Dr Browns, easier to clean too.


Tabkat Wed 20-Jun-07 23:36:22

If she is ff have you tried stirring the bottles instead of shaking them - was told it helped with less air in them.

nappyaddict Thu 21-Jun-07 00:01:43

if ff get colic bottles from sainsburys. worked much better than dr browns and a damn sight cheaper.

sheepgomeep Thu 21-Jun-07 00:47:43

do you know I never thought of stirring the bottles, thats a really good idea.

We have bought doctor Browns and they are good but aren't they are awkward to use!! Bloody hell, they leak every where. Might try the sainsbury's or the mam ones thanks for the suggestions

We have got the avent bottles and two doc brown ones. She is worse to wind in the night.

Good suggestion about the boots points and the gripe water.. will pop in there tomorrow.

I normally give her the water in a bottle as she spits the water from a spoon everywhere, could try a syringe.

I'm also wondering if she might have thrush. She has a white covering on her tongue and quite runny nappies. The hv says she is fine and has seen her but I don't know.. might explain why she is unsettled?

You wouldn't think this is my third child would you lol

nappyaddict Thu 21-Jun-07 00:48:30

the mam ones leaked everywhere too

nappyaddict Thu 21-Jun-07 00:49:04

if not convinced by what hv says make an appointment with the gp

nameanon Thu 21-Jun-07 08:55:21

I know what you mean SGM

Ds is my 2nd and i swear i am more clueless with him than i was first time around

The MAM ones are so much easier to use, and are just as good, i have never found them to leak at all, they are great. I think they are 3 bottles for £9.99.

My HV said my dd had colic, she was horrific tried everything, it ended up she was lactose intolerant, screaming 1 hour after EVERY feed, very runny nappies, swapped her milk to SMA lf (lactose free) for 6 month and then gradually weaned her back onto normal formula and she was fine, a completely different baby.

With my ds, it was just colic, which was a breeze to deal with after all we went through with dd, he grew out of it by about 14 weeks, it is heartbreaking though and very stressful.

RubberDuck Thu 21-Jun-07 08:57:40

Have you tried the Colic Resources page here?

It was compiled from a group of mumsnetters' advice when there was a support thread for parents with colicky babies and has loads of different strategies in there to try.

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