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Argh!! WWYD!

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LittleMsM Thu 15-Nov-18 20:27:15

So my 5yo DS is poorly, having trouble sourcing a prescribed medicine, when I was on hold to the pharmacist, DS comes in talking to me, can you buy me a sword & shield - yes it's on your christmas list (I have two types in already but one was more gladiator) - so I start asking him what kind he wants using google images search, to rule out gladiator, he wants metal all over, including gloves and a thing that goes over your eyes - I search children's knight in shining armour - find a couple, click on one - yes that's the sort of thing he wants but more helmet, click another one THEN A GIF/MOVIE OF A NAKED PORN WOMAN CROUCHING AND BOUNCING UP AND DOWN ON A D**K pops up - argh! I go, close your eyes, don't look, angle comp away from him whilst I sort, and then once closed down, ask him if he closed his eyes when I asked him too - no he says, I go 'why' and then ask him what he saw, he immediately goes a woman doing this - and he crouches and bounces up and down. He's confused about why he shouldn't of seen it and asks what she was doing - so I say she was bouncing on a trampoline, he goes why can't I see that - I go, what was she wearing? He goes nothing! I go that's why! He hasn't seemed to notice what she was bouncing on, TF, and I'm all prepared for teaching them about safety, porn and the internet, but I have literally never had this happen before, and in front of my 5 YO! How to i make sure this hasn't scarred him for life - and is there anyway to report so it doesn't happen to others - I don't leave the children with any unsupervised access to internet, but this was supervised and he still saw it! ....

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