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Do nappies reduce? if so when?

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20zips Wed 20-Jun-07 09:34:48

My twins are 11 months now. At the beginning they used to need about 7-8 nappy changes a day each. Now they need about 4-5. Is this normal?

IdrisTheDragon Wed 20-Jun-07 09:35:34

Yes - I have found with both DS and DD that number of nappies needed per day went down (and then stopped ).

20zips Wed 20-Jun-07 09:57:56

After my twins were born I had a lot of help from my parents and my in-laws. But the help from my in-laws turned out to be interference as my mum-in-law wanted to do things her way. I had to get the twins into a routine very quickly (or I would have gone mad with the lack of sleep and anxiety caused by family) but she insisted on doing things her way or she would do things my way only after I told her the same thing well over 6-7 times. This was very draining and changed our relationship no end.

Eventually (around when the babies were 3 months) I limited the time that my mum-in-law could see the babies in order for me to get them in to a routine that I could manage and to simply get on with a less stressful life. After a lot of heartache and discussions/arguments with my husband he did not really get involved in talking and explaining things to his mum as quickly as I wanted/needed. He said that I should just keep saying things to her until she understands. But she fully understood but just chose not to do what I needed. I eventually did manage to sort things out and only now after 11 months she has realised that I am the mother (not her) and that things should be done how I want them done because I really do have the best interest of the babies at heart.

I want to know how people deal with this and what should I do if I want to have another baby (which won’t be for another 2 years God willing).

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